Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vendor Review: Jeremy Roeder, First Class Weddings

Hi everyone...umm, remember me? I know, I know, it has been far too long since I've shown my face around here. I've been seriously dragging my feet finishing up ye olde recaps. But, in case your memory has completely been wiped of my existence - I'll give you the down and dirty highlights.

I had some rockin' hair and make up.

My husband got himself into some sticky situations before the wedding.

We had so much fun taking pictures around Oak Park.

I (umm, I mean, we) had a fabulous, fabulous cake.

Ok, so now that you're caught up and can kind of remember my Bee existence, let's dive back into the recaps!

Figuring out what DJ to hire was something that, quite honestly, I just didn't want to deal with. I had no clue how to choose a DJ or what to look for.

And then, we thought about our friends' wedding in St. Louis about a year before ours. Everyone danced. The DJ did his thing, wasn't cheesey, played great music. We heard through our friends that he was also interested in breaking into the Chicago market. That sealed the deal.

So, we contacted Jeremy Roeder of First Class Weddings and he was available for our date. Score! We booked him immediately.

Jeremy was really great to work with leading up to the wedding and open to whatever we wanted played. We ended up just making a master list of all of the songs that we would want played rather than giving a "yes" and "no" list. For during dinner, we made a CD for Jeremy to play because there were a lot of random songs that were meaningful to us but weren't really danceable.

Here's a shot of Jeremy hard at work:

And, of course, the results of Jeremy's labor:

All of our friends danced for the entire reception and there wasn't a single song played that I didn't love. Jeremy doesn't have a cheesey bone in his body. He's so professional and well spoken. Amazing!

And, in case you need more proof of Jeremy's fantastic-ness, coming up next are some dancin' videos from the reception.


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