Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vendor Review: Laurie Peacock Photography

As I've been traveling through my wedding day recaps, they wouldn't be complete without sharing about who made these recaps possible. The one, the only, the fabulous Laurie Peacock of Laurie Peacock Photography!

See this scrumptiousness that Laurie created?!

Mr. S, a photographer himself, is 100% credited with finding Laurie. We met with her and immediately booked Laurie well over a year before our wedding and never for one second doubted our decision.

Laurie has a very photojournalistic style, a great eye for detail and composition, and a fantastic, bubble personality to boot! She's so upbeat and fun to be around but still incredibly professional. I was completely put at ease the morning of the wedding when Laurie arrived at the hotel - I had my shoes, jewelry and rings all lined up and ready for Laurie to start shooting the details!

We were also lucky to have a second photographer for the day - Maggie Rife. Maggie was so much fun to be around, is a wonderful photographer and managed to catch far too much mischief with the guys in the morning!

There are so many talented, independent photographers in the Chicago-area and we were lucky enough to have two of them at our wedding. I could continue to rave about their work, but you should just go take a look for yourself. (Oh, and Laurie does some fantastic boudoir photo shoots for those of you who want some photos with sizzle!)


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Step by Step: All About the Details

It's a sad day when I have to say that my recap posts are quickly winding down! But, it's a fabulous day because I'm sharing a lot of the little detail shots that didn't end up in the other posts, yet are oh-so-spectacular.

Even though I experienced massive dress envy along the way, I still can't help but love the floaty, dreamy feel of my dress. After asking for no beading, no lace but some sort of detail and all for under $1,000, I really lucked out.

Swoon. I'm a sucker for shoe shots, and I simply adore this one.

Another glamor shot of my wonder necklace. I love how it makes a heart!

And, what's a wedding day without the obligatory ring shot?

Remember the vintage handkerchiefs I bought for my girls? They worked perfectly since their dresses had pockets!

If I can have shoe shots, so can Mr. S. We debated buying Chucks for all of the groomsmen, but ended up just having a pair for Mr. S. He wore black dress shoes for the ceremony and quickly traded them in for his Chucks.

I debated so long and hard about our flowers! In fact, I posted about it here, here, here and here. Whew, that's a lot of flower talk. And probably not all of it...I'm embarrassed to say that I think there might a few more posts out there.

Anyway, in the end we stuck with our green and white scheme for the flowers, featuring hydrangeas and dahlias.

Each of the bridesmaids carried one of these babies down the aisle. Simple and (hopefully) a little chic with the black and white ribbon loosely tied.

My bouquet was a larger version. When I'd originally met with my florist, we had discussed using all white flowers for my bouquet to keep it different than the rest. So, imagine my surprise when my green and white bouquet arrived! I was a little frustrated at first, but sucked it up. However, I absolutely love that mine featured green as well. It's MUCH more visually interesting in all of the pictures, and I love it!

Hmm, does that stem look somewhat familiar? Let's take a closer look.

Why, it's my Mrs. Lovebug-inspired stem! Remember hers? Mrs. Lovebug was my first introduction into Weddingbee, and I simply had to have L-O-V-E on my bouquet, so I picked up the typewriter keys off of Etsy waaaaay before I decided on anything else.

We gave the florist a piece of lace off of my mom's wedding dress and had her wrap it around the stem as well. I loved these little details!

Mr. S rocked a pretty great bouttonniere with some sort of white mum-flower-thing with some green accents, and all the rest of the guys had little pops of green kermit mums.

I worked on our programs up until two days before the wedding. Remember my program inspiration? Unfortunately I think these ended up looking better in pictures than they did in person, considering I printed them on our home printer and cut them with my little $10 Cricut paper cutter.

When I posted about our guest book plans, I was still doubting it all. Polaroid cameras and film are crazy expensive. That factor combined with concerns over a lot of our guests not even participating in the fun had me stressed.

But, it was SO MUCH FUN! Even though some guests never made it over to sign the book (which I'm sure happens at most weddings - I know I've been a guilty guest and not signed!), we still ended up with pictures of everyone. And, toward the end the night I took one of the cameras out on the dance floor and we took a ton of great dancing shots!

All of the pictures of our guests were so great, including that of our fabulous photographers, Laurie and Maggie. Seeing them posed there with their cameras is just the cutest thing, and you know you've got some great vendors when they take the time to sign the book!

*Please note: All photos from Laurie Peacock Photography

Next up - Review of Laurie Peacock Photography

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Step by Step: Get Low

All the toasts were shared and champagne sipped. Our special dances were done and thank you's complete. There was nothing left to do but hit the dance floor for the night!

However...before we get into the good stuff, I have a confession to make. I. Can't. Dance. Whew, there, I said it. Having absolutely no rhythm, moves, or confidence on the dance floor was a huge concern for me leading up to the wedding. Brides always seem so confident and happy on the dance floor, and I knew that wasn't me.

I didn't want to consume the required number of alcoholic beverages to give me the false confidence required to even enter the dance space. What's a bride to do, you say? Fake it till you make it!

Ok, confession time is over, onto the fun.

Our fantastic wedding party took to the floor...

...and later were joined by many more friends.

We celebrated their wedding a year and a half ago, and was by far one of the most personal, beautiful weddings we have been to! Needless to say, they set the bar pretty high for us as we planned.

So cute!

Ok, I'm selfishly putting this picture in because my arms actually look somewhat toned in it! I seemed to have flabby-arm-syndrome in the majority of our pictures (ugh).

Hopefully our children will be lucky and get some of Mr. S's moves...cause they definitely won't be getting any from their momma!

I had originally planned my attack prior to the wedding. Champagne and wine? Champagne and cocktails? Only beer. Or all of the above? Yes please! Bridesmaid Darcie kept me with vodka tonics for most of the night (thank you!!) but I kept it all within moderation. After 18 months of planning, I wanted to remember my reception, thankyouverymuch.

We had so many amazing dancing shots captured!

And to top it off? Prior to the wedding, Mrs. Powderpuff suggested we all learn the "Thriller" dance. With my lack of time combined with lack of skillz, I didn't join in. But, Mrs. Powderpuff and Mrs. Taffy ROCKED OUT.

Notice everyone stopping and staring?

As they should be - these ladies totally represented!

But don't worry, "Thriller" was open to all. Bridesmaid Abby's fiance, Josh, had some moves of his own (we can't wait to celebrate your wedding in just a few months!!).

We managed to get some slow songs in, too!

In the midst of it all, Grandpa S and I got a slow dance in. Grandpa has a great singing voice and serenaded both Mr. S and I earlier in the day. But, at the reception, it was all for me as Grandpa sang "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby." Such a special moment!

This is the man who sold us our condo. Not only is he awesome with negotiations, he's not so shabby on the dance floor. He freestyles as well and performed for us later on in the night - it was amazing!

Some ladies swoon over Ella Fitzgerald's "At Last." But my song at each and every wedding we attend is Flo Rida's "Get Low." Sigh, you had me at Apple Bottom jeans.

Some brides would freak out when their dress is stepped on and the bustle rips. Me? Just find me my day of coordinator, Marilyn, and grab me a beer.

Whew! Dress crisis averted, beer in hand, man on my arm. Can it get any better?

*Please note: All photos from Laurie Peacock Photography

Next Up - Never before seen details of the day.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ornament Inspiration: Stiletto Version

It's that time of year already! I can't even believe it. I'd like to think that Mr. S and I will get our little Christmas tree out of storage and decorate with our el-cheepo Target ornaments (you know, the ones that come all in a big container for $4.99 and look like metal but really aren't?), but we're probably too lazy for even that.

Hopefully, though, Mr. UPS, Mr. FexEx and Mr. USPS will be dropping off the many gifts we have ordered in the past week so that we can get to wrapping and at least make the place look a little more festive!

Anyway, in the spirit of the season and in honor of those brides currently planning winter wonderland weddings, I give you my ornament inspiration board, full of silver, sparkle, and everything nice.



Blissful winter wedding:

Row 1 (L-R): 1 2 3
Row 2 (L-R): 1 2 3

That dress alone makes me swoon enough to want to plan my wedding all over again, sigh. Maybe one day I'll buy a dress just like it and sit around in it at home watching reality shows. Who says loungewear can't also be fancy?

Happy, happy holidays!


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