Sunday, November 22, 2009

Step by Step: Cut a Cake and Dance a Dance

Even though we were able to sneak in a see the ballroom before the reception, it was SO exciting to come back in to a room full of guests! It was so fun to be introduced as the new "Mr. and Mrs. Stiletto"!

Because we nixed our head table at the last minute in favor of having everyone sit a different round tables, I had a momentary freak out about where the wedding party would go once entering the ballroom. We were all sitting close to the door we'd enter through, so it would be a rather lackluster grand entrance if people went straight to their seats!

Mr. S had the best idea - everyone lined up behind the cake and waited for us to arrive. Genius!

Note to future brides: your wedding cake may seem very intimidating when you go to cut it. Have your wedding coordinator or someone from catering give you a quick lesson. Even with that, we struggled to get through this sucker. It was too pretty to cut!

Nope, no cake smashing for us! I don't think we would have regardless (I get majorly weirded out about having food on my face in public!), but with a fondant-covered cake, there's no messy frosting to smush.

We played the song "All I Want is You" by Barry Louis Polisar during the cake cutting. It was Mr. S's pick and I wasn't sure how well it would work for this, but it was PERFECT. We had the most fun cake cutting and thanks to Mrs. Taffy, you can check out the fun!

Straight from cake, it was time to dance! Mr. S and I have always liked the weddings where immediately on entering the reception, the bride and groom cut the cake and dance their first dance. Getting it all done off the bat let us get two of those "must do's" checked off the list right away.

We danced to "Right Red Ankle" by The Decemberists. After many song debates between the two of us on out here in the blogosphere, this was definitely the right choice. But, as sweet as it was, 3 1/2 minutes seemed like a lifetime! I struggle having all eyes on me, and I felt like we were SO front and center during the song.

So, while I enjoyed our first dance, I was relieved when the song ended and all eyes could be on someone else for a minute!

*Please note: All photos from Laurie Peacock Photography

Next Up - some toasts and more dancing!

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