Saturday, November 14, 2009

Step by Step: Strike a Pose in the Park

After the ceremony we loaded up in our supersized limo with our wedding party and fabulous photographers to go have some fun. We had allowed about 2 1/2 hours for pictures and chose locations very close to the church and reception, so it was a really laid back and fun time.

My first job as a wife? Making sure Mr. S's shoelace is tied!

Our first photo stop was Lindberg Park in Oak Park. We had scoped it out the week before the wedding and I loved the garden of prairie grasses with a path winding through it.

But before we could go anywhere, we needed to have a little married couple shoe love! We opted not to do chucks for all of the groomsmen, although we thought about it, but Mr. S wanted to pick up a pair for himself. I did make him wear normal black dress shoes for the ceremony, though...I'm a traditionalist like that. His chucks were a huuuuuge hit at the reception, though - everyone commented on how cute they were!

See what I mean by the beautiful path through the garden? You would never know that behind us was a huge soccer field and baseball diamond, filled with kids! I'll just let you enjoy the eye candy for a little bit...

Sigh. These trees are just an amazing backdrop.

I made him tie the chucks all by himself this time.

Mr. S hammed it up a bit with his guys...

...while I got to cozy up with my beautiful bridesmaids.

I've been getting a lot of great comments about the green bridesmaids shoes (only $25 from Newport News, what a steal!). When I picked out their shoes and dresses, this was the very shot I was envisioning...

Just a little more beautiful eye candy.

While the shot above of my dress may have been pretty, what you can't tell was how it was snagging on the sidewalk with each and every step. I was SO over having a train by this point! I begged and pleaded until my girls bustled it up.

Just a couple more group shots in the park...

...and it was time to pile back into the limo and head on our to our next location for some real fun! The park was pretty and all, but we're a lot less park people and a lot more urban street art and alley people. That's just how we roll.

*Please note: All photos from Laurie Peacock Photography

Next up - Train tracks, murals, alleys and overpasses, oh my!

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