Sunday, November 1, 2009

Step by Step: First Look

We had debated doing a "first look" quite a bit. Mr. S was all about it, I was a little more hesitant. I even posted about it this summer. I finally decided that if it was something that he felt was really important for us to do, I would throw caution to the wind and go for it.

Our timeline was tight on the wedding day, so I left the hotel in the limo with the bridal party around 2:30, arriving at the church around 2:40. The ceremony started at 3:00 on the dot, so it was a quick look! I waited in the limo after the bridal party went into the church and waited for the "all clear" that Mr. S was all set and waiting for me in our designated spot - a little garden on the side of the church.

Mr. S waited patiently with his back turned in one part of the garden.

I was ready and waiting behind him, all anxious and excited. Having a second photographer for this was great - she was standing facing Mr. S and our main photographer (the fabulous Laurie Peacock) was facing can even see Laurie right behind Steve. Love it!

As it should be, Mr. S came to me! (ok, I was going to go to him, but part of the garden was a bit muddy, and I wasn't ready to trash my dress quite yet!)

I like to think he's liking what he's lookin' at.

Especially as he goes in for a smooch.

I gave him the cheek, though. Why? I'm assuming I didn't want to smudge my freshly-done makeup.

And then it was just time to chit chat, share stories from the morning. Mr. S is most definitely my best friend, and it was nice to FINALLY show him my dress! Whew...that was secret I had kept for almost a year.

Aww, a last hand squeeze before we separate - almost time for the ceremony to start!

Oh, and maybe a funny face.

Or two. Mr. S is apparently great with the faces!

*Please note: All photos from Laurie Peacock Photography

I had originally thought that our first look should definitely be in the church as I walked down the aisle. It would be meaningful, emotional and magical. But I truly believe that having those few moments together before the ceremony really was perfect. It eased some anxiety, let us reconnect before saying "I do" and helped us deal with many emotions. I can only imagine what kind of a crying mess I would have been in the church if I hadn't seen Mr. S beforehand.

Next Up - Everyone gets lined up and ready for the ceremony to finally begin!

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A Wedding Story November 2, 2009 at 10:44 PM  

Those pictures are amazing. We almost did this but I changed my mind at the last minute.

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