Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Step by Step: Guys Get Ready

While I was experiencing an odd mixture of gettin' pretty amidst nerves and anxiety, Mr. S and his guys seemed to be having a good old time! He, his groomsmen and our ushers met at the church to get ready, where they were joined by our fabulous second photographer for the day, Maggie Rife.

I love how excited he looks, like he's telling a great story (I like to think it was about me!).

We spent a very long time finding the perfect tie for him to wear on that day, and it looks like he's got it all under control in tying it perfectly for the big day.

Oh wait, maybe he just needed a little more help...

Oh, still not perfect? Nice to know his boys had his back - nothing like a crooked tie to ruin your wedding pictures!

Once dressed and with beers in hand, you can just tell that these guys were bound to get into a little trouble.

Oh, silly me, they're just posing for some glamour shots. Don't they all look great?! Mr. S did a great job of picking out a black suit with a very faint pinstripe from MW Tux for him and all of the groomsmen. Our ushers just donned their own black suits and we gave them black and white striped ties.

It was a bit of a joke between Mr. S and me that the week before the wedding he needed to be living in a bubble...he's a wee bit accident prone! I was very concerned that he'd show up with a cast on his hand or a bandaid on his ring finger. We actually had some close calls just days before the wedding, but when the wedding day arrived, we were in the clear.

So seeing these pictures of him climbing a fence makes me VERY relieved that I didn't know about this until well after the wedding, and that he made it to the wedding in one piece.

The climb up appears to be pretty easy.

Although I'm not sure what he expected to do once he got up there.

And, fortunately, he made it back down, safe and sound. I cringe at the thought that he could have ripped his suit just an hour before the wedding. Ahhh!

Apparently climbing fences wasn't enough. No, not when there's a random mattress laying in an alley! You or I might just pass that by (especially on your wedding day!), but these guys thought it would be a great way to demonstrate that Mr. S was the man of the hour.

Climb aboard!

If I'd known he was sitting on an alley mattress, I might have held back some hugs.

But really, you can't beat these pictures, can you?!

This is the man that I love more than anything. Swoon.

Safe and sound, yet again!

*Please note: All photos from Laurie Peacock Photography

I know this post may have a slightly sarcastic tone, but in all honesty I'm so happy that Mr. S had a lot of fun before the ceremony. I was so tense that I could not relax until we said "I do." He was able to have some fun for the both of us!

Next up - Mr. S and I enjoy our first look before the ceremony.

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