Monday, October 5, 2009

Vendor Review: Marilyn of Honeybee Weddings

I'm pretty sure the day after the wedding, I wanted to email each and every one of my vendors and gush about how fabulous they were! True story. However, Mr. S urged me to hold off until after the honeymoon...while we were away, we stayed off of Facebook and made ourselves invisible on Google Chat. I did sneak in a little Weddingbee (shh...), but Mr. S snuck in a few work emails, so I guess we're even.

On our first night officially in town released the gushing emails onto our vendors - I think Mr. S was just as excited as I was to share lovely words with the individuals who helped me our day so special!

Vendor Review: Marilyn of Honeybee Weddings

I shared a little while back about why I chose to hire a day of coordinator (DOC). I wanted to know that the little details were taken care of, and that while I thought my DJ was a fabulous great guy, I didn't want to have to talk to him or anyone else about the timeline on that day. I was there to celebrate and have fun, darn it!

Marilyn delivered a hundred times over on the weekend of our wedding. She helped ensure our rehearsal the evening before ran smoothly, taught our ushers how to work the aisle runner and kept us all in line.

On the morning of, it was a relief to have Marilyn show up at the hotel with binder in hand. The monster spreadsheet she'd had me fill out in the weeks leading up to the wedding - covering timelines, bridal party contact info, reception set up details - was organized and at the ready. It was Marilyn who was calling down to the front desk for the extra chairs needed for hair and makeup, running out to pick up lunch for everyone, and getting all of us out the door and over to the church on time.

After the ceremony (which started ON TIME and went perfectly), we went off to take pictures, and Marilyn headed over to the reception site to finish setting up the little details, be present for cake delivery, dj set up, and to light all of those pesky tea light candles.

We were ahead of schedule with pictures, so we arrived at the reception site earlier than planned and were able to check out the ballroom while our guests were enjoying the cocktail hour. Everything was simply gorgeous! All that I had left for Marilyn to take care of was done perfectly.

Throughout dinner, Marilyn would pop over to our table and give us updates - we were ahead of schedule, so if it was fine by us we'd push back the toasts, or, the catering staff was leaving our cake out longer because it looked so fabulous (yay!!).

As we danced the night away and after some guests had left, Marilyn quietly gathered different decor items off of the tables and packed them away. She had the DJ announce that guests could take the table arrangements (something I hadn't even considered as an option), which solved the question of what we would do with all of these tall and short vases after the wedding! And, once we'd danced the last dance and were ready to leave, Marilyn had all gifts and decor boxed up, on a trolly, and ready load into my parents' car.

In a day that was a mix of excitement and anxiety, I so greatly appreciated having Marilyn there. She was cool, calm and collected. She allowed my family and friends to enjoy the day and not worry about coordinating a thing. Our budget didn't initially include a DOC, but I think our biggest regret would have been not hiring one.

Thank you, Marilyn!


Misse October 6, 2009 at 8:47 PM  

Thank you so much for the awesome review of Marilyn! I really appreciate it.

Laura October 6, 2009 at 9:17 PM  

Of course! Marilyn was fabulous to work with :)

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