Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Picturing the Rhyme

We are of course waiting for our fabulous photographer to give us our full disk of wedding photos, but we were lucky enough to see a big blog post from her this week! Since I'm sure the Bees who have gone before me would encourage me to wait until I have all of the pictures to then decide how to do my recaps, I shall force myself to wait!


That doesn't mean I can't share with y'all my "something old, something new, something borrowed, sometihing blue." I didn't have nice pictures of everything before the wedding to share!

Withour further adieu...

Something Old

My earrings and necklace were made from vintage chandelier pieces. Are they gorgeous?! Swoon. I can't rave enough about the fabu-losity of Precious Meshes. I also had lace from my mother's wedding dress as a something old, but I want to wait to share pictures of my bouquet, so you'll just have to wait for further recaps!

Something New

What wasn't new during the wedding planning process? But, my official "something new" would have to be my fabulous Nine West shoes. At $40 they were a steal, and I definitely felt like I rocked these puppies!

Something Borrowed

I was at a loss about this one until the lovely Mrs. Avocado offered to loan her birdcage veil. I loved it! I absolutely do not regret not having a long, traditional veil. The birdcage was fun, vintage, and fabulous. I wore it the entire night - during pictures we ended up wrapping it to make somewhat of an avante garde netted poof on the top of my head, and it was equally fabulous. Thank you again, Mrs. Avocado!

Something Blue
Even though I didn't do a garter toss, I still had my cute blue garter. I'm glad we ended up not doing either toss...taking out some of those rituals meant we had more time for dancing and fun!

Please note: All photos are credited to Laurie Peacock Photography.

I hope this satiates my hunger for recaps a little bit more and that you enjoy these tasty little tidbits from our day!

Did you manage to find fun little items to complete the "something old" rhyme, or did you decide to chuck tradition all together?


Keg Design October 2, 2009 at 7:23 PM  

Congratulations Laura! You made a beautiful bride!!

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