Friday, March 13, 2009

Adding It Up: Green Candy

I've already posted about the black and white candies I've found as possibilities for my candy buffet. I ended up around $135.50 for 33 pounds of candy and 12 suckers (not factoring in shipping costs. I was also able to find many different flavors, from licorice to blackberry to dark chocolate. But of course, what would my candy buffet be like without great pops of green?

This green rock candy is $72 for 120 sticks (and of course, I certainly could find it cheaper, but this was the best picture!). It looks like they run for around $8 or so for 10 rock candy sticks. However, I am planning on making then, hence the only thing I'll need is sugar, water and swizzle sticks or string! Check out these easy instructions for making rock candy, and it might just bring back memories of making rock candy when you were a kid as a science project!

Source: Candy Warehouse

I love these fruit wedges! I'll probably go with the lime flavor because the colors are brighter and I think it's much more common to have apple-flavored candy, so I want to diversify a bit! Only $24.50 for 5 lbs.

Love these hard candy sticks! Not only are there tons of green flavors to choose from, they're only $12 for 80! Woo!! I'm torn between the sour apple and the wintergreen. The colors of the wintergreen are brighter and I'd assume people would expect a minty flavor here?

Kind of more lime in color than I'd want...but really, I think I can stray from a specific shade of green for the love of candy. And I LOVE gummy candy. My favorite would be peach rings, so I think these apple rings are a good substitute in order to stay in the color family. And only $12 for 4 lbs!

So, where does that leave me...? $48.50 for 9 pounds of candy and 80 hard candy sticks. Grand total so far? $182 for 42 pounds of candy plus hard candy sticks and suckers. No too bad! And still a lot of items that I'd like to make. And of course...I haven't ordered any of these sweets yet, as I'm still months and months away from September. But a girl must plan!


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