Monday, March 2, 2009

Should we just CHUCK it?

Last week, Mr. S and I were throwing around more ideas for the groomsmen. We started talking about Chuck Taylors, and how cool they'd look on all of the guys with their tuxes. I continue to see this in more and more weddings, and I love it! I'm even a wee bit obsessed now with the idea.

And look, Converse even makes "our" green. Thanks, Converse! Since the ladies will already be in green shoes, why not make the gents pop as well in some fancy green footwear? To me it's only logical, but if some of the girls aren't dying to be wearing green shoes, I tend to wonder how much the guys would like it...

We could always go sleek and sophisticated (well, as sophisticated as Chucks can be) and put the guys in black and white chucks. They still make a statement without risking terrifying the guys.

Source: Flickr

Unfortunately, we're not completely sure if all of the groomsmen would ever really wear their Chucks again. We're guessing around 50/50. So do we buy them for the guys as their gift knowing that they may not ever wear them again (so why kind of a gift is that?) or ask each of them to pick up a pair (that they may never wear again)? I mean, it's ok to ask the girls to buy shoes, but is it not ok to ask the guys to do the same?

What's the etiquette here?! The little angel on my shoulder tells me that answer is to not buy or make them buy shoes that they would not want to wear. I'm choosing to listen to the other shoulder for the time being.

Chucks seem to run around $40, so not super expensive by any means if we asked every guy to buy a pair, but would probably be our only gift to them if we bought them for the guys. Mr. S really wants to wear them, and he could just wear them and have the guys wear regular black dress shoes...but where's the fun in that?!


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