Sunday, March 29, 2009

Displaying all the Sweetness

So, I've got my fabulous cake all lined up, and I'm super-psyched about it. Now that it's all taken care of and I know all of the details regarding tier-size, I can start turning my attention toward cake stands.

My bottom tier is going to be 13-inches in diameter, so my baker told me I should look for a stand that's around 15-inches in diameter to ensure that there's plenty of room. Hmm. A 15-inch cake stand seems to be terribly difficult to find, and I keep on falling in love with stands that just simply won't work.

This amazing emerald glass cake pedestal is only 10 inches in diameter, but I loooove it! Swoon. It's so vintage and beautiful. Since we're only doing a minor detail in green on our cake (with the rest being black and white) this would just make our cake shine. It's $75, but would be worth every penny. However, it's only a 10-inch square. Boo. Maybe some other bride can take advantage of this great find!

These silver cake stands seem to be standard for weddings. And, don't get me wrong, they're beautiful and look amazing on cake tables - very elegant. Another bonus is that they come in a multitude of sizes (this one is the 15-inch diameter that I'm looking for) and it's only $49.85! However, it would be kind of a bummer to not be able to have a use for it after the wedding. And, my cake isn't going to be incredibly tall, so I'd love to find a stand that will provide a little height. Let's call this my backup plan.

Next up we have this white cake pedestal with a lacy detail. The description says that it's 14-inches in diameter (so cutting it a bit close for me), but I would assume with my 13-inch diameter cake, the lacy detail would be covered. There's a definite chance that it would end up looking a bit awkward. But, at $40.99 it's on the list.

Source: Amazon

Departing from a vintage feel, this modern white square pedestal caught my eye. It's a 14-inch square, and even though my cake will be round, I think it would be kind of cool to have it on a square pedestal. While the others that I have looked at have been slightly more ornate, I like the simplicity and clean lines of this pedestal. At $49.99, it's also a good deal.

Source: Amazon

Finally, I could just go completely DIY and play around with this Martha Stewart cake stand project. I came across it forever ago and have kept it in the back of my mind. Marth provides great instructions for taking plywood, paint, ribbon and fancy door pulls and turning them into an elegant cake stand. Of course, I wouldn't get the height that I'm desiring, but it would be cost effective, allow me to put my own details into the stand to match my decor, and at the end of the day I could just take the the door pulls and toss the rest!

Awhile back on Etsy I also spotted these emerald green glass door pulls. Perfect for the DIY cake stand! Etsy seller Spartan Enterprises had quite a variety of glass door pulls, and these emerald green pulls are priced at $34.88 for 10, which is a great deal as these can often be quite pricey at specialty stores. Of course, I only need 4 in order to make my stand, but I'm certain my DIY spirit could find a use for the rest.

Source: Etsy

I'm certainly glad that I have plenty of time to make up my mind (re: order a lot of things online and then return them, haha!).

Has anyone else out there found great ways to display yours cakes beyond the usual silver stand? Any suggestions? Ideas?


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