Sunday, July 19, 2009

Card Box...Complete!

Remember when I had this great DIY idea for a vintage suitcase card box? first attempt turned out so badly I couldn't stand to snap a picture of it before it landed in the trash. So, I went with my backup plan.

When I was planning my candy buffet, I picked up this black cake stand, which happened to come in a great box. I'm not using the cake stand anymore, but it's been sitting around my kitchen in that box. It only made sense to stop trying to think of something new and go with what works - a hat box turned card box.

Mr. S cut a slot out of the center with a box cutter, then I took some extra damask fabric I had on hand to cover the top. I didn't have big enough of a piece of fabric to cover the whole top, so I used two separate pieces.

I hot glued it in place on the top, then...

I flipped it over and gathered pieces, pulling the fabric tight, and glued it in place. I didn't have the patience to try and get it smooth, so instead I pulled it so that it looked gathered around the side.

To cover up some not-so-nice edges around the slot, I glued some ribbon in place and tucked it into the underside of the lid.

The finished box! It's simple and a little rough around the edges...but I finished it in less than an hour using materials I already had in the house.

I'm glad I ended up going with a classic idea rather than trying to reinvent the wheel for my card box - one more completed project is incredibly helpful at this stage of the game!

What are you using for the card box at your reception?


Lauren July 28, 2009 at 2:39 PM  

Ahhh I need a card box?? I'm just starting to wedding plan, and all the details kinda overwhelming! I'm learning that I need all kinds of things that I had no idea I needed - like a card box...

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