Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Makeup My Mind

I'm not a big makeup wearer (shhh....I went all winter long without wearing a single bit of powder or shadow to work!). On top of that, I generally get told that based on my skin tone, brown hair and blue eyes, I can pull off any shades of makeup, hair color, and clothes. While it's nice to be chameleon, definitive answers like "you look best in blush tones" or "never wear the color yellow" would be incredibly helpful.

I mean, I don't want to end up looking like this:


I received great feedback on my recent hair post and think I have settled on "option D" as my inspiration. I didn't even realize until today that this was the same picture that Mrs. Yorkie used at her trial!

It's great having hair ideas nailed down, but there's this whole face of mine to contend with. I don't have strong opinions on makeup, nor do I have celebrity inspiration or a picture in my head of what I might look like. Beyond, well, looking better. Hee. I, however, really liked Miss Cowboy Boot's recent trial. I liked the freshness of her inspiration looks and her makeup came out looking beautiful.

When I think about myself, my dress and my overall "look" that I envision for my wedding day, I think the word sweet encompasses everything. My dress is very soft and romantic. To each her own, but to me soft and romantic does not equal smoky eyes or bold red lips. I like the idea of "fresh."

So, here I am -

And here's some inspiration (the best I could do for finding pictures that were "rosy" and "fresh"):

Ok, so maybe I could do without the blue eyeliner on that last one. But you get the idea. So I'll take these ideas along with me when I do my hair and makeup trial...whenever that might be!

Where do you go for great makeup inspiration?


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