Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Even Cupcakes Need a Top

I've raved many times over about my fabulous cake topper by Etsy's Goose Grease. I was so lucky to find a great option that not only fits our personalities, but will be a great keepsake after the day.

But, not doing a cake, you say? Maybe, I don't know, you're leaning toward a fabulous tower of cupcakes? Well, I have good news for you! You can still have a Goose Grease topper, created in your image, but created in perfect proportion to a cupcake or the mini tier you're cutting into.

A great feature of the cupcake toppers is that they sit atop a toothpicks, which slide perfectly into the cake. Then, when you're done using them, you can easily remove the toothpick and use the toppers as a keepsake.

I chose to display my little bride and groom in the sweetest, most fabulous cupcake that I whipped up...a cherry vanilla cupcake with a simple cherry frosting. A-mazing! Check out the recipe here if you want to add some sweetness to your day!

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