Monday, April 13, 2009

Google and Ye Shall Find

Somewhere along the way, flower uncertainty has taken ahold of me. I'm all over the map here. I've seriously considered anemones, but the chances are high that they will not be in season for my Saturday in September. Integrating hypericum berries has stayed on the list, but they're more of an accent than a feature, and probably will be an accent for the bridesmaids, not for moi. I've even gone as far as to contemplate the bouquet stem, as you may remember.

My criteria is this...white. Interesting. Unique. Full of texture. Oh ya, and in season in September, please!

All kidding aside, it's really important to me that I have strong inspiration photos to take along with me when I meet with my florist in a couple of months. I tend to be too much of a people pleaser and get taken down a completely different direction than the one I had really wanted. When someone else gets really excited, I quite often will agree with them...only to end up walking away with something that I don't want. This is how I ended up with bright orange hair upon leaving a salon a few years back. I most definitely don't want the equivalent of "Raggedy Ann hair" when my wedding bouquet is handed over to me.

On searching, I found three flowers that all come in white and fill all of my requirements: ranunculus, hydrangea and dahlias. Through the magic of Google Images, I plugged 'ranunculus, hydrangea and dahlia bouquet' in the search field, and voila! Some great options came my way that were fluffy, white and unique using varied combinations of my desired flowers.

Inspiration #1

This bride's bouquet incorporates dahlias, ranunculus, sweet pea, hyacinth, gardenias, and hydrangeas. Just so you're keepin' up with me, this bouquet apparently has all of my target flowers, plus some! I love how much texture they've managed to get out of all white flowers. I think my florist could do something lovely with these three plus a few other whites, as was done here, to achieve the great texture.

What also really caught my eye was the bridesmaid bouquet to the left of the bride. This is a great way to feature the dahlia, and I could integrate hypericum berries into the bridesmaids' bouquets to get that extra texture and green in there, without being over the top. I love it! No matter what I end up doing for mine, I think this is a strong contender as inspiration for the bridesmaids...I'm not able to budget a lot for their bouquets, so I want to incorporate flowers that whose blooms can really fill some space!


Inspiration #2

This bouquet features carnations, dahlias, ranunculus and spider mums. So two of my picks are featured here, but I could if I wanted to probably recreate this entire bouquet - I believe all of these would be in season in September. I like the textures here, but I'm not a huge fan of spider mums. It also looks like there are roses in the bouquet, but the description didn't say so. Moving on...


Inspiration #3

This lovely bouquet includes hydrangea, peonies, roses, ranunculus, tulips and dusty miller. The dusty miller is lovely for an added touch of something special for a winter wedding. Probably not for September, though. What grabbed me was the fullness of this bouquet and how "fluffy" it seems. It's very romantic.

Source: Katie Elfers Inspired Floral Design

So, I think #1 and #3 are probably leading the way for me. I'm really determined right now to work dahlias into the overall scheme because my centerpieces are just going to feature single stems, and I think dahlias would look perfect for this. I also really enjoy these great pom balls I've been seeing around (such as from Etsy Seller Pom Love), which I think are so dahlia-esque.

Source: Etsy

Any favorites out of #1, #2, and #3? Any white September flowers that I haven't thought of (excluding orchids, roses and calla lilies...all great, just not for me)?


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