Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prepping for the Gun Show

It's takes a lot for this self-proclaimed Cardio Queen to back away from the elliptical and scoot on over to the weights side of the gym. In fact, it has taken me almost 3 years of working out with Mr. S to finally make the leap. But a bride-to-be has to do what a bride-to-be has to do.

Source: Daily Mail Online

No, don't worry, that's not my inspirational picture that's helping me through the workouts. As if. While I'd definitely prefer not to have chicken wings on the day-of, I have no need to see the veins popping out of my biceps as I walk down the aisle. As if.

Anyway, back to cheating on my elliptical machine. I've grown to have a strong affection for certain ellipticals at the gym, and I don't like giving up my 65 minute workout for anything else. That 65 minutes is full of me pushing myself to not give up on myself, work through the fatigue and frustration until I hit the last 20 minutes and I sail through it. Unfortunately, though, when you've been sticking with the same workout for a couple of years, your body adapts. Cruel, isn't it?

Last weekend I finally gave in - the Cardio Queen left her "throne" and went on over to the dark side. And you know what? It actually wasn't that bad. It was, well, kind of fun. I've never known what half of those contraptions do, and it was interesting to learn. And, more importantly, it was great to learn from Mr. S. Normally when we walk into the gym, we go our separate ways, get in our individual workouts and meet up after an hour. We have it down to a science, really. I'm sure I cramp is style a little bit as he teaches me what to do and we figure out how much (or, err, how little!) weight I can handle, but it's fun. We get to spend that precious time together.

I've only lifted twice so far, and will probably be reserving my lifting times for Friday nights or early weekend mornings when the gym is a little quieter and the weights section is far less intimidating. And I'm not about to give up a lot of my regular cardio time! But I know that without mixing in different workouts and pushing my body in different ways, I'll never look fan-freaking-tastic on my wedding day! And besides, what's better than quality time with my man and sculpting my guns?


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