Sunday, April 12, 2009

Goin' Glam for the Honeymoon

The day after our wedding, the Stilettos will be taking off for sunny, hot and south of the hurricane zone Aruba. We're excited to enjoy lazy days on the beach with icy cold beer and no agenda. By the time of our wedding, we will have been in planning mode for a year and half. Relaxation will be a must. I, of course, will not feel blissfully happy unless I love what I'm wearing and how I look in it.

One big hold in the process is the fact that this little lady has not been in swimming shape for quite a few years, and therefore has zero comfort in a bathing suit. After a year and a half of intense working out and healthy eating, I've managed to lose 30 pounds and feel great. Going from a size 8/10 to a 2/4 has been have no idea! Being in bikini shape for the honeymoon would make me so incredibly happy. But despite dropping the pounds, I'm far from being ready to picking up a collection of string bikinis.

I certainly wish I looked like this:

Source: Victoria's Secret, $36.50

Despite the fact that since I've never actually worn a bikini and so in my mind it's the equivalent of walking down the street in my underwear, I'm absolutely not toned. Yes, the scale has continued to go down - which is great! - but when you lose a significant amount of weight, significant toning needs to be a part of the process. I'm hoping that over the next 5 months, I might be there. But in the short term, I've found a lot of great options that aren't quite, err, revealing, but are still sexy swimwear in my book.

I love vintage-style swimwear from the 40s, 50s, and early 60s. Pin up girls are so sexy, no? I came across Norma Kamali, and fell in love. Her pieces are exactly what I've been looking for. This high-waisted bikini is magnificent and glamorous. It's a little more expensive than I'd like to invest in a bathing suit, but I'm keeping it on the list as a know, if I win the lottery before the wedding. Sigh.

Source: Norma Kamali, $175

It may not be couture, but this high-wasted bikini is more in my price range with very similar elements. Don't judge the picture (or the Web site) harshly. This line of Esther Williams swimwear is designed by, well, Esther Williams, pin up girl of the 1940s. Who would know pin up girl style swimwear better than her? And, I can actually vouch for the merchandise - a few years back I ordered a one-piece suit in similar vintage style from the site. It's cute! Again, it's not couture, but has phenomenol support to hide your not-so-favorite parts.

Source: Esther Williams Swimwear, $79

Polka dots are always fabulously fun and vintage. I love this one-piece. Similar to the one I bought from the Esther Williams site but a little more fun. Big white sunglasses would be so cute with this while lounging by the pool!

Source: Pin Up Girl Clothing, $68

This suit also comes in black but the yellow is darling as well. I love the little ruffle without making it old lady-ish and the simple halter detail.

Source: Victoria's Secret, $58

Va-va-va-voom! I don't know if I'll be feeling quite this feisty before hitting the beach, but this is a great option if I feel like living on the edge.

Source: Pin Up Girl Clothing, $80

Of course, my goal is to be skimpy bikini-ready by the honeymoon, but I think I'd still want to take along at least one of these fabulous high-waisted bikinis and a vintage-y one piece...I definitely want to bring some glamour with me to the beaches of Aruba.


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