Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gettin' My Hair & Face Done

A little while back I had posted about my hair inspirations in preparation for my hair trial. There's so much great inspiration out there, but I was nervous that I'd pick out styles that my hair wouldn't cooperate with, or that I wouldn't end up liking.

I'd finally narrowed it down to this great style:

Source: Flickr

But this was also a favorite of mine from long, long ago. I think it was one of the first styles that I had really liked way back when!

Source: The Knot

I had my trial this week with the fabulous Morgan Blaul, who I couldn't rave about enough! She was so fun to work with, honest about what would or wouldn't work for me, and completely open to my nosey dog and cats as they gave her hair and makeup gear a once over.

At the end of my 2 1/2 hour trial, Morgan left me with this lovely, lovely hair:

I loooooove it! I had only showed Morgan the first picture, above, but my hair seems to have ended up as a good combination of the two pictures above, which is great! I love them both, and Morgan executed my vision to a "T." I did try out little hair pins with crystals in them, as you can see, but I wasn't really digging them so I don't think I'll go that route on the wedding day.

And, of course, Morgan rocked out my makeup. I didn't really have any true ideas about what I might want...I had looked for some inspiration online, but I was incredibly open to what Morgan had to suggest.

Whatcha think?

I'll admit, I'm sure Morgan thought I didn't like it because I went into a state of shock the first time I looked in the mirror, but it's only because I wear so little makeup on a daily basis, and I've never had my makeup professionally done before. I looooved the eyelashes she put on me, I felt so vampy! Overall the makeup felt fresh and meticulously done.

I had Morgan put my veil on me to see how it would work. To be honest, I had been feeling a bit "ugh" about my veil for the past few weeks, and the trial confirmed for me that I just don't think I want to wear it on my wedding day. But don't worry, I have a Plan B up my sleeve!

I loved my day of beauty, but was so sad to wash off the makeup, peel off the eyelashes, and take all of the pins out of my hair (although I loved the beautiful curls I was left with!). And, without a doubt, Mr. S was in love with my wedding day look almost more than I was!

Did you hair and makeup person/people hit it out of the park on the first try, or did you have to set up some follow up trials to get it just right?

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