Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunrise...Sunset...At the Gym!

The countdown to the wedding is hanging precariously over my head, ticking away as the 30 day mark looms closer and closer...which will, of course, only speed toward the 15, 10, 5 day markers! And before you know it, we'll be at the night-before-the-wedding-point. Eeh.

I think Mr. S is starting to feel it too, however he's not feeling the need to get a jump start on DIY projects or plan out the timeline. He's instituted "two a days" in the Stiletto household.


The Stilettos aren't strangers to a whole lot of exercise - in fact, our workout regime has changed little due to the engagement because we were already going to the gym 4, 5 or 6 days a week. But with the thought of the wedding and the beach honeymoon on the horizon, Mr. S thought we needed to kick it up a notch during this last month. When he mentioned 5 am workouts to me, I told him absolutely not. No way. Never going to happen. Too much on my plate right now (I mean, come on - I'm planning a wedding here!).

Eventually, I softened to the idea and have found myself getting up at 4:30 am to take the dog out, get changed, and dash off to the gym with Mr. S for 45 minutes of good cardio. Some evenings include returning to the gym for more cardio (and, I know, I need to get back to the weights, as much as I've been ignoring them!), or staying at home for pilates.

Between you and me, I love it! I have more energy during the day, I feel great, and I love being at the gym when they've just unlocked the doors. And, since getting workouts in at this stage is crucial, if I have something after work that conflicts with my normal workout, I know that I got at least one workout in for the day (rather than having to give up my workout completely for that day) and I can alway supplement at home with lifting some light weights or a quick pilates DVD.

Will 5am workouts be with me after the wedding? I wouldn't bet on it. But as we power through these final weeks, I'm motivated by how great I want to look and feel on my wedding day!

How early is too early for you to workout in the morning?


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