Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some of Our Guests Will Be Flyin' Solo

I've been watching our guest count grow and grow over the past couple of weeks. The jury is still out for about 10 of the 72 invites we sent out, but the RSVP deadline isn't until this Friday. I think that's a pretty good response rate so far!

We've had very few declines...6 to be exact, in addition to the 5 invites we sent to some family members that we were pretty sure wouldn't be making the trip, but we needed to send an invitation to. Otherwise, people are apparently excited to celebrate with the Stilettos! Yay.

But what has really surprised me about the response cards is that so many of our guests are not taking advantage of their "plus one" status! I know that there are different schools of thought on this who plus one situation. There are some who feel if you're not in a relationship, you should forfeit your plus one. And I understand that - weddings are expensive and each additional guest can really add up!

However, I personally feel that our guests should be able to bring someone with them that they'll have a good time with! Especially if they may not know a lot of other people at the wedding - they should be able to have someone with them to hang out with throughout the afternoon and evening.

We also set our goal of having a max of 120 guests at the wedding, and sent out 72 invitations (or invited 144 people if everyone brought a plus one). If approximately 25% of your invited guests are not able to make it (a pretty safe assumption), we invited just under that 25% mark. So we most definitely have room for our guests to cash in their plus one!

This is probably a silly thing for me to be picking up on, but I just found it curious that we have so many "1's" on our spreadsheet. I guess this will make it easier to do those pesky seating assignments...?!

How do you feel about the "plus 1" debate - should guests feel free to bring a friend along, or is the "plus 1" reserved for significant others only?


Lauren August 26, 2009 at 1:40 PM  

This is what I'm doing...if you're married, engaged, or in a long term relationship, then you get a +1. If you're single, then you do not get a +1...UNLESS they wont know at least a few other people at the you said, everyone needs someone to hang out with.

Kash August 26, 2009 at 8:48 PM  

I'm with Lauren. Our reception only allows 200, and my fiance's family is 100, WITHOUT +1), therefore we have No choice but to only invite +1s for those in serious relationships.

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