Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Messages in the Mail

I was so excited to mail our invitations a couple of weeks back, and starting the day after sending them, we've received two response cards each day! I love seeing those little envelopes show up in the mail...and, our guests have really gotten into the Madlibs aspect of our response cards, so we've had some fun responses.

I thought I'd share some of the standout cards...the last line of the card says:

Don't forget to ________ [advice] after you _______[advice]!

In retrospect we wish we had set up our cards differently so that everyone would fill this out, regardless of whether or not they're attending (right now, this is for those who can't make it). Fortunately, our guests are having fun filling this line out whether or not they're attending!

Card #1 - Life Advice

From my dad's cousin and his wife - "Don't forget to brush your teeth after every meal!" Sound advice if you ask me!

Card #2 - Financial Advice

From my dad's friend who cannot make the wedding and enclosed a check with his response card - "Don't forget to cash check after the wedding quickly!" Duly noted.

Card #3 - Relationship Advice

From Melanie and Joe, our good friends (Joe is an usher in the wedding) - "Don't forget to consummate your marriage after the wedding I do's." Umm, we'll work on that that built into the timeline?!

We've had a lot of other fun cards about eating our cake, saving room for dessert, relaxing the day after, etc. So great!

Our guests who are attending get to fill in the line that they will be ready to _______ [verb] with, get crunk and celebrate are the most common for this line.

Even though we didn't set the card up perfectly, we're so glad we made the RSVPs interactive and I think it will be so much fun to look back on these after we have them all and then do something special with the funny ones!

Did your RSVP cards have a twist to them?


Keg Design August 5, 2009 at 5:47 PM  

what a fun idea! i love it!!!

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