Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grab Your Name and Find Your Number...

In the early dark ages of my wedding planning, I found and fell in love with my great cake topper. Remember? I also developed the escort cards that will nestle into bed of wheat grass at the reception, as you might recall.

However, one topic I haven't touched on are my table numbers. How are my cake toppers involved in this topic, you ask? Well, I decided that I couldn't just have my cute little cake topper have such a short life. The mini Stilettos needed their time in the limelight. So, when I ordered my topper, I asked Goose Grease to not attach our mini me's to the round base - we needed to be able to move them around for a little photo shoot (we'll glue them onto the base ourselves before the wedding).

Oh yes, you heard me correctly. We let our wooden selves work if for the camera, and through this are able to share bits and pieces of ourselves and our life together to our wedding guests.

These are the final pictures we're getting developed, which Mr. S added numbers to using Adobe Illustrator.

We wanted to have our pup Charlie in one shot. We assumed this would be quite tricky as he can be rather, err, rambunctious, but as soon as we set the toppers onto the floor, Charlie started posing for the camera. I kid you not. You would have thought we had sat him down beforehand and explained what was going to happen, with him nodding his head in agreement. Charlie, apparently, is an old pro when it comes to photo shoots.

Linus, on the other hand, decided to give us some love and affection. Every single time, it was I who was about to topple over. At least we know how he really feels!

I like to think that Mr. S and I were on the forefront of the Wii revolution. We had ours within days of it coming out - a friend of ours bought it and decided he didn't want it, so Mr. S bought it off of him. I gave him such a hard time about the purchase, but in retrospect we are lucky we got it when we did - these babies were difficult to get your hands on for quite some time!


I devour books like it was my job. I've already started in on one of the books I bought for the honeymoon (oops!). I can never get books that are long enough to last me more than a week or two. Yes, I have a bit of a literary addiction.


We've been engaged for 18 months. The ring had to make it into these at some point, didn't it? I like that it seems Mr. S is in the midst of the proposal!


We've recently become Scrabble addicts, thanks to our downstairs neighbors. They even gifted us an extra Travel Scrabble set that they had, so we will definitely be taking it on our honeymoon. Yes, we're cool like that.


We buy a lot of bananas. If you ever came to our house, you'd see a bowl on our kitchen island filled with bananas at all stage of ripeness (I prefer them when they still have a hint of green to them, yum!). I think we buy something like 15 bananas a week. I'm sure people at the grocery store assume we have triplets at home.


I bake. In another life, I had/have a baking blog, but that's on hiatus until the wedding planning craziness subsides. You know, when I'm an old married lady. Oh yah, and when I'm not concerned about holding back on the calories because the knowledge of wearing a certain white dress in front of my loved ones is looming before me. Just sayin'.

Here's our other sweetheart, Basil. I love that she looks like a giant here, because she's really our most petite pet (and yes, if you're counting, we have 3 pets).

Mr. S is a fine art and wedding photographer. Over the past few years, photography has crept into every aspect of our lives, and has brought forth so many great friends and experiences!


If you've been following my story at all, you know that the word "gym" is a verb in our household (ie - Are we gyming today?"). Working out/being healthy for us isn't solely for the wedding, but it definitely helps as we're getting closer to the big day.


We like a glass of wine now and then. Our neighbors who introduced us to Scrabble also introduced us to this sparkling shiraz - The Black Chook. It's from Australia and is so incredibly tasty. I highly recommend!


Mr. S loves to cook. I do not (remember? I got my own number above for baking!). Fortunately, he keeps us both fed. A few weeks ago he was really into making risotto with sweet peas and spicy pork andouille sausage. Mouth watering yet?

We get coffee as much as is humanly possible. I normally stick with lattes, but when I was in Italy last summer I fell in love with just getting a shot of espresso - straightforward and to the point. I love that we're sailing away in our own little espresso cups.


I can't say that our lives are dramatically influenced by eggs, but doesn't this make for a cute picture? The one thing I have to say about eggs is that Mr. S may handle the cooking, but every time I ask him to hard boil some eggs I have to remind him 18 times how to do it. It lets me feel a little superior in the kitchen!

Unfortunately, we may only end having 13 guest tables at our reception because of the way our head count is going. So, all of these might not be needed. If we put one at the head table (which I hadn't planned on doing) the espresso picture will make the cut! We'll see.

So I'm sure you're thinking to yourself "This is all well and good, Miss S, but what are you doing with all of these snap shots?" Stay tuned and I'll show you how these autobiographical table numbers will be displayed!

Are you incorporating anything about yourselves into the table numbers?


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