Sunday, February 15, 2009

Adding it Up: Black & White Candy

Oh, my candy buffet - how often I think about you! Stressing about the containers and decor on the table is one thing, but what about the sweet stuff? Since we're sticking with black, white and green on the table, there will probably be a decent about of black candy. Which, of course, tends to be licorice-flavored...not a favorite of many people, including this bride.

To top it all off, candy is of course expensive! Candy Warehouse has a wide variety of bulk candy that you can sort through by color, and their shipping rates seem to be pretty reasonable. I've also found a few things on Metro Candy & Nut, who advertises 10% off your first order. Their selection isn't the best, but I'm always a sucker for a deal.

I looove these suckers! And they're blackberry-flavored...fantastic! I'm such a fan. At a box of 12 for $24.00, they're not the best deal on the planet but they've one me over on aesthetics. They're 3.5 inches wide so should make quite a statement.

Mr. Stiletto loves penguins, and I absolutely love gummy candy. Compromise? Gummy penguins! These babies are fruit flavored and are only $7.50 for 2 lbs (at about 70 pieces per pound). I love 'em!

Source: Candy Warehouse

There does have to be some licorice on the table (though clearly labeled for those of us repelled by the taste). I think these swirls are so cute and because they are individually wrapped, I could easily pile them up on a plate or stand. AND they're only $14.50 for 5 lbs (65 pieces per pound)!

Mmm...non pareils, or chocolate disks with sprinkles. These non pareils are dark chocolate (love!) and a pretty good deal at $29.50 for 6 lbs...good chocolate can't come too cheap!

Source: Metro Candy & Nut

I was pricing out M&Ms (expensive!) when I came across these Sixlets. They're pretty much the same thing without the M&M name attached. But...these are $30 for 10 lbs! Crazy. As you can see, they have an assortment of colors. I would totally do the black and the white then swirl in a couple of trifle dishes. This is a much more economical option than doing a more namebrand candy. I'm really trying not to have a lot of large vessels that have to be filled, opting for platters and things of the like. But with how cheap these are, it would allow me to have a couple of large containers on the table.

So let's see...where am I at potentially on black and white candy?
-Swirl Suckers: $24.00
-Gummy Penguins: $7.50
-Licorice Swirl Taffy: $14.50
-Non Pareils: $29.50
-Black and White Sixlets: $60
Grand Total: $135.50 (plus shipping) for 33 pounds of candy and 12 suckers.

Now just to figure out the green candy options and the do-it-yourself candy projects I have planned (oh yes, I'll be starting quite the candy factory in my house!).

Does anyone else have ideas for deciding how much candy you'll need for your candy buffet?


Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) February 18, 2009 at 11:47 AM  

looks yummy!

Keg Design February 23, 2009 at 11:23 PM  

just came across your blog - love it! i'm also a bride-to-be in chicago and i'm also doing a black/white/green i think that's what it sounds like you're doing too?? just wanted to say hi... i started blogging a few months ago about my graphic design business and upcoming wedding:

would love to trade "blog rolls" and put you on my site!


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