Monday, February 9, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Tiered Stands

I swear I think that half of my blog posts have been about this darn candy buffet we're doing as our favor! It started out long ago as something simple and fun to do, and has spiraled into a poitn of complete obsession for me!

The other week I found this great black cake stand for a steal on Amazon - I love it and will easily use it post-wedding! Then I happened across an Amy Atlas post where every cake stand/bowl/platter was black, pulling everything together. Fabulous, true inspiration at last! But where do I find all of these fabulous black elements without breaking the budget? It seems almost impossible to locate different pedestal dishes and cake plates that will add depth and interest to my black that is. White or any other color of the rainbow? No problem. But black for whatever reason does not seem to be a happening color for displaying desserts.

I came across a post on Cake Journal for a do-it-yourself cake tiered cupcake stand. Coming across this project again has saved the day (well, not this specific day - on this day I've cut myself off from buying things for the wedding for at least 24 hours). Round cake boards that are used by cake decorators are both cheap and sturdy.

Source: Cake Journal

On Sugarcraft (where I've often ordered baking supplies) you can buy heavy duty masonite cake boards for next to nothing:
  • 8-inch round: $2.59
  • 10-inch round: $2.99
  • 12-inch round: $3.19

Sugarcraft also has styrofoam cake "dummies" that you then can cover with ribbon and use to separate your tiers:

  • 4-inch high x 5-inch diameter: $2.50
  • 4-inch high x 6-inch diameter: $2.99

So for just $15.00 plus the cost of ribbon, glue, and paper or fabric to cover the cake boards, you have a 3-tier stand that matches your wedding colors/theme perfectly! I'm thinking about buying extra black and white damask fabric, which I'm planning on having on the tables, to cover the cakeboards with. Since I'm already going to order the fabric for the tables, it'll be easy just to add on a couple of yards.

I can't wait to put these together! However, since my mom hasn't been able to do a lot of projects to me (due to my obsessive I-have-to-do-everything-now nature), I'm going to save this as a project for when I visit in the next month or two. Besides, she's way craftier than me!

Now I'll just have to decide what to load up onto the stands...I'm afraid this is turning into more of a dessert buffet than a candy buffet, but since it's my wedding it can be whatever I dream up! But I think I could easily pile on some bright green candies (I loooove gummy candy) onto the tiers, how gorgeous would that be?


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