Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Put a Veil On It

The first veil I ever tried on was around $275. But it was a long, cascading veil, right? Wrong. It only went to my elbows. $275 for a piece of tulle on a comb that barely hits my elbows?! I started to panic at that moment about whether or not I really needed to do this whole getting married thing. Should I be expected to pay so much for something so little just because "wedding" is attached to it?!

Since I'm not the beading/crystal/lace type of bride, I knew that my veil needed to be simple at best, because simple would match my dress perfectly...as well as my personality.

I told my mom that I had found some veils on Etsy that would only run around $30. A deal! Fantastic. She seemed slightly sceptical, but she's not yet smitten with Etsy the way that I am.

And, of course, as I looked through options I was completely overwhelmed with the options, especially the different veils that "cascaded" and were "2 tiered" and this, that and the other. How is a girl to choose?! I flagged a few that I liked and kept on going back to the pictures until I knew I had a favorite. Bella Bridal Veils on Etsy had a simple 1 tier veil with a pencil edge that they would do in diamond white. Best of all, they know how we brides are with decisions, and allow you to return your veil within 10 days if it's not quite right.

Source: Etsy
No, this is not me in the pictures...as I'm not made of plastic.

Source: Etsy

At $24, this is probably one of the best deals I've gotten for my wedding. Since I didn't want all of the bells and whistles that a veil could possibly offer, I couldn't imagine investing much more for something I'd only wear for an hour or two.

I can't wait to have a picture of myself in the dress and the veil (and the shoes, and the jewelry...and the list keeps on going...) and see how it all pulls together!


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