Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ties for the Guys?

I've been thinking about just having the ushers wear black suits for the occasion - it seems silly to me to ask them to shell out money on a tux, especially when we're doing black and white anyway...I'm figuring most guys have a basic black suit in their closet.

Since buying gifts for the guys always seems to be a struggle, I thought ties would be nice for the groomsmen. I mean, if they're already just wearing black suits and a white shirt, we could tie their "look" together with matching ties. Etsy's Rabbit Stop has an amazing selection of ties, and they're pretty much all $17.50 - what a steal!

Source: Etsy

Wouldn't this patterned tie look great? Since the bridesmaids will be wearing a houndstooth pattern, I think this is a great compliment.

Source: Etsy

The listing says this is black and silver, but in the picture it looks like black and white. Dots would be fun.


Anonymous February 3, 2009 at 5:11 PM  

Love the idea of having your wedding "helpers" feel like they are part of the wedding by synchronizing their look. They will feel special to be acknowledged as well.

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