Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Cake Love

So, I recently did a wedding cake "round up" of some some of my favorites on the web - cakes with a modern twist and the ability to really showcase black and white in a great way.

Also at top of mind is how to really make my cake topper shine - I mean, it's a mini version of us up there, we must have the most fabulous pedestal around!

Source: Etsy
Our cake tasting is scheduled for mid-March at Chicago's Sugar Syndicate. I continue to hear nothing but raves about the cakes that are created there...so I'm already drooling!

But most importantly, I can't wait to have a bit of a brainstorming after the cake has been pushed aside (or, you know, devoured...whichever comes first). I don't want to absolutely dictate what my cake will look like because I'd really like to see what she comes up with. But of course, I must have some inspiration to get the ball rolling!

I came across the flickr page for the Sugar Syndicate. I have completely fallen in love with this cake she did, which is actually an engagement cake...

Source: flickr.com

I wouldn't want to copy the cake piece by piece, but I love so many of the elements! The "congratulations" message is great. I mean, it's my (oops, our) day. Put my name (and, err, Mr. Stiletto's) on the cake! Also, we're using a typewriter font throughout different pieces of the wedding, so the lettering on this cake would match up perfectly.

I love how clean the lines are on this, and it feels both vintage and yet modern. Swoon. Wouldn't we look just lovely on top of this?

So many decisions, so many decisions. I think I might need two cakes!


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