Saturday, January 31, 2009

Amy Atlas...the perfect buffet

It's like Amy Atlas knew that I was struggling with how to make my candy buffet perfect, pulled together, and chic, and whipped up this stellar dessert buffet.

I was so concerned that we'd end up buying a hodge podge of apothecary jars and trifle dishes, just hoping that everything would end up looking cohesive. By using the black elements throughout the entire buffet, it lends itself to a cohesive, pulled together look. This will also mesh well with the black square chargers we bought for the centerpieces. I'm really excited! I've been stressing out about this candy buffet for far too long, and I finally feel like I have a plan in place.

I've already bought a black cake pedestal that should arrive this week, the first piece of my perfect buffet (and found even before I stumbled upon Amy Atlas' site!). I'm also investigating different homemade candies and other sweets that S and I can make together to not only cut down on costs, but keep the candy buffet personal...starting with the black and white cookies we'll make.


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