Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Get Shot...by my hubby to be

Photo from Steve Koo Photography

I love my fiance...hence the reason, you know, I accepted the ring and everything. So I can admit to being slightly biased. But I know good stuff when I see it, and if it would be possible for him to photograph our wedding and have him be in it, I'd hire him in a heartbeat! (Not that I don't love my photographer...shout out to Laurie Peacock!).

So, Chicago brides to be...my fiance is currently looking to get into shooting weddings. He's been a photographer for a few years (in addition to his full time job) and last summer he was able to shoot a lot of the detail shots for my friend's wedding that her photographer wasn't going to capture. And of course he fell in love with shooting weddings! His attention to detail is amazing and he has the ability to capture the best moments...he also does engagement shoots as well.

We learned when hiring our photographer that if you book someone a year or more in advance when they're up-and-coming, not only do you get a better rate and more included in your package (!!) but by the time they shoot your special day, they'll be nothing less than spectacular.

Check Steve out:

Ok I promise I'm done oohing and ahhing over my man! But a girl can't help being proud :)


ChiBrideToBe January 20, 2009 at 5:22 PM  

He's on my list! Hope he'll be available when we finally (!) get a date set!!

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