Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spotted on Etsy

I've started pondering what purse I might get for "the day." Part of me feels like it will be a little pointless. I mean, how much will I really be carrying it? And what could I possibly need that I couldn't just have my MOH (and big sis!) carry for me?

A lot of the clutches I look at look, well, bride-y. It's the same quandry I found myself in when I was looking at shoes - I feel like if I'm going to make the investment I should at least be able to use/wear/enjoy the items again if at all possible (I'm sure as the day approaches I'll be fighting tooth and nail for a reason to wear my dress again).

I love this Harry Levine clutch (circa 1950s/60s) from 20th Century Finds on Etsy:

Source: Etsy

For a mere $16.00 (yes, you heard me!) this clutch lends a little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of sophistication. A perfect addition to any black and white wedding. My fingers are itching to hit "purchase" but for now I'll keep it as a favorite and continue to drool...


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