Monday, January 26, 2009

Day of Coordinator - Honey Bee Weddings

I had really flip-flopped on working with a wedding coordinator. I didn't know if I could really justify the expense. I mean, my wedding will only be, at max, 120 people and we have no major logistics to overcome. All events are happening very close to one another and there is no major set up/break down issues that we'll have to overcome.

But then I started thinking about my reception site and church, and how neither really offer wedding assistance. Beyond my minister, there will be no one running the rehearsal, and for the reception site is FABULOUS and my contact there is great, but I started to stress out about who was going to light all of the tealights I'll have on the tables?!

Even better - day-of coordinators do so much more than light tealights! They tip people on your behalf. They talk to your vendors on the day of and call them if they're running behind the schedule. If the reception timeline runs off course, they work with the dj to fix it. They even go and get you lunch while you're getting ready! And so much more, things I wouldn't have even thought of but will be grateful to not even add to my to-do list.

After contacting almost every coordinator in the Chicago-area, S and I met last week with Marilyn of Honey Bee Weddings. I was impressed with the overall strong reviews of Honey Bee that were out there, combined with the amount of services that they offer for day-of, while still staying within my budget. Marilyn was cool, calm and collected and I could tell that she'll be both great to work with and still able to stick up for me and my wedding on the day-of, should the vendors get out of line!

I have a greater peace of mind that the day will run smoothly, and making an investment in my sanity is worth every penny.


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