Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can I Really Let Loose?

To continue with my inability to remain patient and plan for things as my wedding date gets closer, I've been looking at bridal hairstyles. In my defense, there are crystal hair pins that I've been debating buying on Etsy (as I buy as many things in advance as I can), so of course if I'm thinking about hair bling, I must think about hairstyle.

Source: Etsy

I thought I wanted to do something somewhat loose and romantic for my hair. Definitely an "up do" but one that is a little bit lower on my head. I'm very against hooking my veil under my hair, having it fall in a straight line down my neck, so with a low up do it will be easy to hook the veil above my hair, without it being obstrusive.

But as I look at hairstyles, I'm completely drawn to the sleek, and more structured styles, especially the big buns. The more a see loose curls, the less I see myself. I want everything in place! Here are a few of my favorites (courtesy of




I think the first and the last are my favorite, but exact opposites. The first does give a little less structure but is still unique...the last is a fabulous big bun. So not me, but I'm so in love with it! Oh the decisions.

I'm also looking into hair and makeup services for the day-of for me and my maids. I'd love to work with one service for both if possible, but budget is definitely an issue. Keeping myself at $160 max for both would be fabulous!

Does anyone in the Chicago area know anything about Appease? Their prices are pretty reasonable, and also includes a makeup touch up kit for the bride as well as free make up and hair trial for the bride (assuming at least 4 bridesmaids are receiving services). There are only a few reviews out there for them, so if anyone is familiar I'd love some feedback!

I also read a fabulous hint that I had not thought of...if you schedule your hair/makeup trial on the same day as a dress fitting (I don't know that it has to be your last fitting, but that's just me) you can see the full package. Beautiful!


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