Thursday, January 29, 2009

Black & White Cookies

I've been trying to think of different things I can add to my candy buffet for the wedding that will have a "wow factor" without being crazy expensive. Steve and I used to share big black and white cookies from a local grocery yuppy grocery store in our old neighborhood. It was always a great treat and easy way to surprise the other one. We'd share the cookie, each biting directly down the middle to get the best of both worlds.

Back in November I played around with making mini black and whites (you can check out the recipe on my baking blog) - since it was my first time doing it, they leave a lot to be desired as far as roundness, but overall the process is very easy.

Source: Amazon

How cute would it be to have a pyramid of mini black and white's on a black cake stand like this on the candy buffet? It would be a sweet treat that I made myself, is meaningful to S and I, and fits perfectly with our theme! And, this platter is insanely cheap at $19.66 on Amazon!


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