Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kusudama: Ceremony Decorations

Source: Paper Unlimited

I've always liked doing origami, ever since I was a small kid. I can't say I'm great, but I can certainly fold a think or two. I'm going to be integrating origami into my escort cards (I'm hoping to finally be able to blog that soon, it's been a bit of an ightmare!), but I think there are a lot of other places I can integrate some of my origami skills.

This kusudama ball I think is absolutely gorgeous. How cute would it be to find a cool patterned origami paper (or even just plain white for simplicity) and make up a bunch of these, secure a ribbon in the center of each ball, and then attach them to the end of the pews for the ceremony? Since I don't have any money in my budget to decorate my church, I think this would be such a fun way to add an interesting element to things.

And, the best thing? It doesn't take much origami knowledge at all to make these flowers, it really only takes time. Which means, I can recruit helpers when the time comes! Check out these easy instructions to make your own. This is totally what I'm going to be doing this weekend as I'm holed up, trying to survive whatever awful weather is thrown at us next!


tina January 22, 2009 at 6:45 PM  

OMG! You *know* that I love 'em!

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