Sunday, January 11, 2009

And so it begins...

I've been planning my wedding for almost a year now, and we still have about 7 months to go. Through this time the plans have been growing and changing as we've gone on a roller coaster ride from themes to favors to guest books. The one thing that has stayed constant throughout it all is our color scheme.

I had wanted something that my fiance, S as he'll be called, could jump on board with. No "dusty rose" or "perfect peach" for us. Don't get me wrong, I love a good shade of pink and sometimes when I see a picture of a lush pink bouquet a little bit of jealousy creeps in. But overall, I wanted to keep it high contrast, fresh and modern. And, of course, on a small budget, a black and white color scheme works wonders. No need to be matching of certain shades of a specific color that only I really care about. What's there to match when it comes to black and white?!

Top Left: Warehouse Fabrics
Top Middle: Wedding Bee's Lovebug
Top Right: Newport News
Middle Left: White House Black Market
Middle Middle:
Middle Right:
Bottom Left:
Bottom Middle: Wedding Bee's Lovebug
Bottom Top Right: Dyeable Shoe Store
Bottom Bottom Right:

For a little fun, we're incorporating some green into the mix. Some may call it "emerald" and others "kelly," but in my vocabulary it's "grass." A bright pop of grass green here and there is exactly what I think will make this wedding fun, without going overboard.

To keep my insanity level low and to share the ideas as they come, link to fellow bloggers that I admire greatly and Etsy artists who have been saving my life (or so it seems) each and every day, this blog has been born.

Our inspiration board continues to change day in and day out, but the time is starting to tick down (finally!) to our September 19, 2009 wedding, and I'm frazzled just thinking about the work to be done in the months ahead!


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