Tuesday, May 26, 2009


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Changes are afoot in the Stiletto household. As September continues to draw closer, we've had to really look at some projects and make some final decisions in order to get started on things. Expect some new projects and different ideas to come!

After posting here, here, here, here, and here about our candy buffet, of course we're still planning on offering the buffet-o-sweetness as our favor at the reception, right? I mean, who would post so obsessively about something and do so much research if they're just going to nix the idea in the end?! Oh, that's right, ME.

All of the candy was starting to give me nightmares. So many logistics, expensive things to buy, just far too much to think about. For months now, I had been dreading the summer and actually putting this whole thing together. To top it off, when Mr. S and I did our tasting with the caterer last week, he mentioned that at the end of the meal, in addition to wedding cake, each table would be served a plate of cookies and cannolis. Hmm. With my plans to have both cookies and candy as a part of the buffet, that would be a whole lot of sugar.

So....we completely crossed out the candy buffet. I ended up in a minor panick attack last week. What's in budget but not just giving people stuff?! Since I work in the non-profit/fundraising field, there are always different organizations I would like to support. I like the idea of making a charitable donation, so I started thinking about what organization we, as a couple, would want to support.

Not far from Mr. S's and my condo in Albany Park (Chicago neighborhood on the northwest side of the city) is a placed called Blue Sky Bakery. While true to their name, they churn out some fabulous baked goods, they're a bakery with a mission. They serve as a training ground for homeless and at-risk youth who go through an established program working at the bakery, where the goal is for them to gain enough work experience to then gain employment elsewhere. Just opening last fall, I think about the bakery a lot and hope that they survive during these tough economic times. With such a strong mission and so close to our home, we try and support them when we can. And...well...they also have REALLY tasty maple cashew granola!

So...why not take a mass quantity of that really tasty granola, package it up in these great muslin bags (probably first in ziploc bags, then in the muslin bags) - Etsy seller Essence of Gaia currently has these 3x5" bags priced at $9.50 for 30 bags. We'll need around 120, so these are incredibly affordable.

Source: Etsy

Then, using a stamp that says "thank you" or simply "love" or whatever we decide, we can stamp these babies. I love this one I found on Etsy that says "lovely things." Too cute.

Source: Etsy

Once we're done, we'll make up little tags to attach to the bags, providing a brief overview of the bakery, that a donation has also been made to support them, and then a little message of thanks to our guests.

Sweet. Simple. Tasty. I couldn't be happier with this idea! We'll be supporting a cause in our community that we feel strongly about and sending our guests off with a little treat that Mr. S and I both enjoy. We still have to approach the bakery and ensure we'll be able to the get the quantity of granola that we need, but otherwise, we're ready to get going on this idea.

Are you choosing to make a donation in lieu of or as a part of your favor? If so, how did you decide on the organization you'll be supporting?


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