Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chicken or Fish?!

I was far more focused on doing my cake tasting than the tasting with our caterer. Somehow tasting lots-o-cake was far more appealing than chicken or fish. But when we finally were headed to our tasting last week, I was SO excited! We were getting closer and closer, deciding the menu, making more of these important decisions.

When we first booked our venue last May, they had an in-house chef that handled everything. However, we knew that they might be making some changes but were ensured it wouldn't make any significant changes for us...except for one important detail - the bar! Originally we would have had to stock the bar ourselves, an extra detail I just didn't want to deal with. Our reception site's recent partnership with 2MayToz Catering (a part of Cucina Paradiso Restaurant in Oak Park) means they'll take care of the bar! Whew.

Prior to meeting with Anthony at Cucina Paradiso last week, we sent over our choices of hors d'oeuvres we'd like to taste, the salad, and two entree options. We went in there ready to eat!

Mmm - our platter of hors d'oeurves! We tasted mini quiche, parmesean artichoke fritters, bacon wrapped scallops, mini beef Wellington, gorgonzola, pear and proscuitto crostini, crab cakes, and caprese skewers. Yum! I was stuffed. We were able to choose four to be passed at the cocktail hour - we landed on the artichoke, Wellington, crostini and the caprese, a mix of vegetarian and meaty!

Our salad choice was this delicious and simple spinache salad with oranges, pine nuts and a raspberry vinagarette.

For our entree choices we tried a chicken dish that was crusted with pistachio and panko, covered with a red pepper cream sauce, with the sides of thyme glazed carrots and herbed polenta. It was good, but a very heavy dish. We had also selected (pictured above) a simple piece of salmon season with herbs and lemon with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans on the side. Simply delicious! Mr. S and I were fighting each other to finish this dish. So well seasoned and prepared, the fish is very light and the mashed potatoes were to die for!

We also decided on our linens (I won the debate with Mr. S - black!) and made our beer (Fat Tire & Amstel Light) and wine (cabernet and pinot grigio) choices. We left the tasting happy, incredibly full and excited to have yet another decision crossed off the list.

Did your tasting exceed your expectations?


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