Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Program Progress

I've been watching the countdown to "the day" on my Facebook page continue to shrink. I was excited at the 365 mark (only a year...it will just fly by!) to 200 days left...and now we're getting precariously close to the 100 day mark. And then we're on to double digits!

So...what about all of those projects that 12, 9 or even 6 months ago I wouldn't even let myself think about because it was "too far off"? We're about there. Decisions must start getting made...followed by some major action to make everything happen.

First up - ceremony programs. I had kind of a leave 'em attitude about programs when I first started planning. We don't necessary need them. I don't think our ceremony (which, sadly, I haven't yet given a lot of thought to, either) will be incredibly intricate. But as I continue to go through the planning process, I wouldn't mind having a "play by play" of the ceremony. And a place to give extra thanks to our wedding party and family. Besides, we need to keep the ushers busy. They're there to work, people! (I kid, I kid)

When I saw these poster-style ceremony programs featured somewhere last year, I fell in love. I wish I could have been at that wedding, because if the programs are this great, I can only imagine what other splendid details were at that wedding.

Mr. S loves the programs as well, and we've brainstormed different ways we could make this happen for us. But I'm worried that between printing and then folding, we may kill our budget (well, our non-existent program budget, as I hadn't really factored these in, heh) and would just be adding one more project onto the pile with all of the folding. I don't know that we're up for that, but seriously, how great are these?! Of course, we would only be using these as inspiration.

Source: createmyevent.com

Source: createmyevent.com

In my search for other cool, less traditional program ideas, I came across these lovelies. You still get the "fold out feel" with less intense folding. I literally know nothing about printing, so I don't know what costs would be like for that, but I do know that we could easily design these ourselves.

Source: yusthaus.com

Source: yusthaus.com

By far one one of the coolest options was this two-sided poster. No folding would be involved and I think it would be cool to have the ushers passing out these one-pagers (assuming they're printed on heavier cardstock). I think I'd change up the style quite a bit and make sure there's a place to list the wedding party, but overall I like that these are more casual in nature and kind of fun. This would also be great to frame after the event.

Source: robeastblog

Source: robeastblog

So, I now have three great pieces of inspiration for the programs I didn't think I was ever going to do. I think that's a pretty fabulous start! Now it's all about making those decisions and implementing them...

What creative elements are you incoporating into your ceremony programs? Where have you gotten your inspiration?


Anonymous May 5, 2009 at 12:36 PM  

I can't decide which I like more--the first one or the last!

Thanks--I am definitely going to bookmark this page and return to it when it's "that time".

Best Wishes!

MidwestElle @ iowabride.blogspot.com

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