Monday, May 11, 2009

Final Floral Touches

I've finally started to wrap my head around florals and have a clear idea of what blooms and greens will be present on the day. I feel...relieved. And excited about my decisions! I've set for myself a very small floral budget, so I've worked to get the most out of what I'm spending while having unique and beautiful choices!

As you might recall from my earlier post about bouquets, I'm set on this great dahlia, ranunculus, sweet pea, gardenia and hydrangea bouquet. I may not have all of these blooms, but dahlias, ranunculu and hydrangeas are the three I would like to see, with a heavy presence of dahlia and ranunculus. I was so fortunate to come across this picture, because not only did it provide great inspiration for my bouquet, there is bridesmaid inspiration as well! The bridesmaid bouquet features dahlias in a great way, so I'm using this is as a starting off point with my florist.


And, of course, how can I forget the green?! I posted about getting some fabulous green integrated into flowers, and hypericum berries completely fit the bill. All of the guys (with the exception of Mr. S) will wear boutonnieres of green hypericum berries, which make a nice modern lookin' boutonniere (and are cheaper than other options I was looking at, woo hoo!). I'd also like to integrate these into the bridesmaids' bouquets to add touches of greens to theirs, while mine will remain snowy white.

Source: InStyle Weddings

But what to do about Mr. S's boutonniere? I was pretty much at a loss because it's my understanding that it's traditional to use a bloom from the bride's bouquet for the groom's boutonniere. Hmmm.

Fortunately, I came a across these great options (whew!). This white ranunculus boutonniere is probably my favorite, but I think that's also because I've recently fallen head over heals for those silly little ranunculus blooms...they're just too cute!

Source: The Knot

But then, of course, I found this great dahlia boutonniere (just imagine this in white...but isn't this orange version with the tie fabulous?!). It's so simple and cute, and I assume this bloom would hold up quite well during a day of hugging.

Source: Martha Stewart

I thought seeing a "run down" of all of the flowers would help me make a decision...but I love both of these options! I am leaning toward one...what would you choose?


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