Saturday, May 2, 2009

Some Middle School Dancin'

Why, you ask, will the Stilettos be doing some middle school dancing? This Stiletto isn't so much of a dancer, sadly. It seems fitting, really, considering the scope of our relationship. Mr. S and I actually have a definite role reversal in many aspects of our relationship. He's a fanatical cleaner (seriously, I've never cleaned the bathroom since we've lived together), a great cook and always seems to know when we're running low on the essentials like toilet paper and handsoap. If it were left to me, we'd be running to the store in a panic as each of these items ran out. I'm a much more laid back member of the household, and tend to be the one leaving shoes out and not seeing the reason for making the bed in the morning (seriously, aren't we just going to mess it up again?!).

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes - dancing. The stereotype seems to be that women are usually better dancers and the guys struggle with no rhythm and generally avoid the dance floor. I, sadly, am the wallflower of our duo. Mr. S has natural confidence on the dance floor and is just so darn cute. In recent years I've finally started going out onto the dance floor, but I need a good dose of vodka tonic to really get me going. And, let's be honest, I probably look like a ridiculous fool...but I've had to make my peace with that.

So, for the first dance, I'm not anticipating any fancy twirls or big dips. I'm thinking more along the lines of my hands on his shoulders, his hands on my hips, and some awkward swaying back and forth. Did I also mention that I absolutely hate being the center of attention and the thought of my wedding day could easily bring on a cold, panicky sweat? So, when Mr. S and I are out there swaying to the music, I want it to be a great song that personal and emotional...and us, of course! I've finally narrowed it down to three "swaying" songs.

Song #1: Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat "Lucky"

This is a song that wasn't particularly personal for us...I happened to hear it on the radio and just thought it would be perfect (and, I've also had a bit of a crush on Jason Mraz). I really love the line of "Lucky I'm in love with my best friend." Aww. Mr. S is completely my best friend. Hands down.

Song #2: The Decemberists "Crane Wife 3"

Sorry for the sub-par version of this - I always want to make sure whatever youtube video I post won't be taken down for any reason. Anyway, if you don't know this song, you should. It's beautiful and always makes me thing of Mr. S. However, it also makes me think of a couple of his friends, for whom he shot engagement pictures last year. He used this song for the slideshow he created, so I always associate it with that. But I love the song!

Song #3: Iron and Wine "Resurrection Fern"

Mr. S had suggested this song a little while back. I listened and immediately said no. I listened to it later while driving home from a wedding...and fell in love. It's gorgeous. But they're not the most wedding-ish lyrics, are they? I was looking online at the meaning of the song, and it definitely doesn't seem to be a love song. But does that really matter?

Ok...the moment of truth. Thoughts on #1, #2 or #3? I have my favorite of the three, what's yours?


Anonymous May 4, 2009 at 12:49 PM  

My vote is for #1... such a lovely song!

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