Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ring From the King

Miss Bruschetta's recent post on wedding band decisions not only got me thinking, it led me to a great site to search for the perfect wedding band! I've had it in my mind what I've thought I wanted, but I always struggle to find a good example. Michael C. Fina was a great place to go to ooh and ahh over beautiful, sparkly rings!

My engagement ring is exactly what I'd said I wanted...simple, classic, round cut solitare. Mr. S took a lot of time and care in picking out this sparkler!

Now, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall the day my ring was purchased. Our good friends S & B (who were married last year) took Mr. S to a shop in Chicago's jeweler's row. It was here, from the "Rolex King of Chicago*" my diamond was purchased. Mr. S had to pay cash for the e-ring - visiting the bank beforehand and nervously pulling lots of cash out. After picking out the diamond, the setting, and forking the cash over, S & B took Mr. S across the street to a bar for a few drinks while the ring was being made.

Rumor has it he was bright red and incredibly nervous when they went back to pick up the ring - apparently the jeweler even asked him at one point if he was ok, then wondered aloud about S and her obvious excitement for Mr. S and I and the impending engagement! While all of this was happening, I was at work and had no clue he was just blocks from my office buying my bling. The proposal a couple of weeks later was a complete surprise to me, and I wouldn't change a thing.

When it comes to purchasing our wedding bands, we'll head back on over to the "Rolex King." But that won't stop me from window shopping beforehand to make sure I find the perfect ring we'll use to seal the deal!

As fun as it would be to go crazy with the diamonds allover the band, I think I'd like to go a little less sparkly. This simple ring with diamonds spaced out and set into the band (sorry I don't know jewelry terms!) has captured my heart - the picture isn't the clearest, so follow the link for a better view.

Source: Michael C. Fina

We probably won't plan a visit on over to buy our rings for a couple of months yet...but I simply can't wait to slip a ring like this on my finger and see how everything looks together!What sold you on your wedding band?

*Note: while purchasing my ring from the "Rolex King of Chicago" may not seem like it's on the up and up, it most definitely is! As you'll recall, our friends S & B took Mr. S there, and B knows the "king" through his dad, who's a retired police sergeant. He wouldn't lead us wrong, and that's even where B bought S's ring!


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