Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Final Piece of Bridal Bling

I've had my bridal earrings since last fall - I bought them far before I even had a dress, and considered very closely how the dress might compliment them. In my opinion, they're swoonworthy, made from vintage chandelier crystals!

Source: Etsy's Precious Meshes

So, when it came to my wedding necklace, I knew that I wanted to work again with Emily of Precious Meshes. Her attention to detail is amazing and her work is exquisite.

I decided I wanted to do a netted pendant that would look similar to my earrings. While Emily has some other amazing necklaces that would be perfect for the wedding day, they're definitely fancy! And I'm just not the type to throw on fancy necklaces very often...I wanted something that I would have plenty of opportunties to wear again. Since Emily will "net" a stone that you provide her, I went searching.

I found these great chandelier pieces on Etsy from Epoch Beads! I was able to get four of these for $4.

I sent the crystals over to Emily and since I only needed to use one of them for the necklace (and the other three would just be sitting around my house) I asked Emily if she wanted the other three. She did and in turn gave me free shipping on my necklace!

I was so excited when I got home yesterday and found this little pretty waiting for me!

Source: Etsy's Precious Meshes

Emily added two smaller beads as connectors between the chain and the pendant and I absolutely love it! The necklace is delicate, sparkly and has a vintage quality that will look beautiful with my dress.

Will you be able to wear your jewelry again after the wedding day or is it only for extra fancy occasions?


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