Friday, May 8, 2009

Stiletto, do NOT buy this dress

Did I ever mention that I have a shopping problem? Specifically, an online shopping problem. Click, click, click and my new stuff is on its way. Sigh.

But, I do happen to need a dress to wear to my wedding shower this summer. I mean, everyone will be coming in to see me, I must look nice. Right?

And, well, I think I would look quite nice in this lovely damask dress from Ann Taylor Loft. And not just because I'm having hints of damask in my wedding (seriously, I went from all out damask down to a touch here and there...oh where did the damask go?!). Black and white damask, in my opinion, is just the perfect mix of the black and the white, while looking amazing with a great "pop" color like red, yellow or green. It's kind of like a black and white cookie - the perfect combination of black and white in every bite!

Source for both pictures: Ann Taylor Loft

Big sigh. My fingers are simply itching to purchase this little number. It's on sale for a mere $39.50! I know that Ann Taylor Loft always has crazy good sales, so I'm sure this would eventually land on the clearance rack. But it's such a fabulous dress, wouldn't everyone else just snatch it up before me?!

Sadly, like many of you out there, the Stilettos have been hit by the..duh duh duh...economy! We're in a spending freeze until further notice, so new fabulous dresses that are such an amazing deal are not allowed at this time. Please, my lovely damask friend, hold off until my credit cards* have thawed out!

Are there wedding purchases you're considering but can't justify right now?

*Please note: no, the Stilettos have not found themselves in crazy credit card debt or other financial woes, hence requiring our "spending freeze." Other priorities have caused us to pull back on spending for the time being. Even if one of us finds the most AMAZING dress. That's FOR THE WEDDING. Sigh.


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