Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guy Gifts

We've gone through a lot of gift ideas for the guys - we've considered ties, beer mugs/highball glasses and/or money clips, and even chucks. But the mister just couldn't decide, so we tabled the discussion for awhile. Guy gifts are so hard...a lot of guys don't wear ties or cufflinks regularly. I don't want to gift them something that they wouldn't really have a use for...that doesn't feel very much like a gift!

Mr. S was looking the other night online for ideas when he thought of the Flip video cameras. Small. Handy. Kind of fun. And a lot of people don't have separate video cameras these days. They may record video through their phones and cameras, but a Flip would be fun to have when you're on vacation or somewhere you don't really want to risk damaging your nice digital camera. So...enter the Flip!

Source: Amazon

So cute and compact. These babies come in a bunch of different fun colors, but fun colors come at a price. And white is manly, right? Flips also come with different recording length capabilities, the cheapest being 30 minutes. So, Amazon has these white 30 minute flips for $60. Not too bad!

Source: Amazon

They're easy to use, gadget-y and somewhat within the budget. I can pretty much see all of our groomsmen using these at some point in time. So, these are definitely leading the groomsmen gift race! We'd love to be able to give these to our 3 ushers as well, but after buying 5 of these for the groomsmen (and, you know, maybe one for us...) we probably can't afford to buy any more. So, the ushers may be getting..duh, duh, duh...ties! I know, I know. But we're not going to ask them to rent tuxes, so that seems like a fair trade off.

Also, we're not having a videographer. Wouldn't it be fun to attach a little note to these when we give them to the groomsmen at the rehearsal dinner and encourage them to take little snippets of video throughout the wedding day? What a fun keepsake!

Have you chosen to give something "gadget-y" to your groomsmen?


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