Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scanner Shy

I had wanted to register for months and months and months. I couldn't wait to get that scanner in hand and just go crazy. Last year Mr. S and I started making an Excel list of everything we wanted to register for, researching toaster ovens and crock pots. And then...time just went by. We hadn't really talked about registering, or when we were going to do it. Just some time when it was "nice out." Finally someone asked us where we were registered at, and 2 days later we were headed downtown to the Crate & Barrel on Michigan Avenue. It was time to get down to business.

We chose to register on such a whim that I felt wildly unprepared. I was a bit overwhelmed. Once we were trusted with our handy scanner, the associate told us to start on the top floor and work our way down. The top floor is filled with a lot of furniture. As we worked our way around I refused to scan anything - I wanted to be really committed to whatever we chose. Also, I was very against registering for furniture at CB. It seemed far too extravagant to ask people to buy such high priced items for us.

And then, I saw these babies...

Yep, this was our first scan - 4 of these bad boys. The Allegro Side Chair is all I could ever hope for in a chair - I'm in love with the green! I'd also rave about how comfortable the chair is, but throughout the excitement of finally agreeing on something to scan, we overlooked testing out the chair. Hmm...moving on...

I had been worried about picking out our dishes. I had a favorite, but Mr. S also had a favorite. We had made a pact that morning to not fight about anything. That pact served us well, and I decided to give in just a tad and let him have his Roulette dishes - it's all give a little, get a little in marriage, right?

You know that giving a little on the dishes? It meant getting a little immediately after when we turned toward our silverware choices. I'd been in love with the Hazel design for months.

This serving fork really sealed the deal for me with this set - it's just a fork for a giant. I love it!

Doesn't this Acacia wood salad bowl look great? We thought so. Mr. S has been wanting a nice bowl for salads.

We loved this cute little dish. It did not, however, make it onto the registry. Necessities, people, necessities!

We spent a lot of time wandering through the glassware. Geesh, CB, can you give us any more options here? Nearly impossible for us to decide! But the Strauss glasses with their funky square shape was too good to pass up.

Oh, more struggles with glassware. Wineglasses, wineglasses, wineglases. We opted for the Gala line. I definitely took a step back and let Mr. S make the decision here. They all looked like wine glasses to me.

Our registry Saturday couldn't have been more perfect. Having many discussions about compromising beforehand made the day what it should be - fun, exciting, and spending the day together planning a piece of our life. I'd secretly thought that it might not be all that great. We've been living together for a couple of years, own a condo together, and have bought so many things for the house already. But I think all of these things actually helped us register. We know what we need and what we could live without and what style our home is and how we'd like it to evolve.

So, that scanner shyness I mentioned at the beginning? Umm, ya. By the time we hit the second floor at CB the scanning got a tad bit out of control. $50 shower curtain? Sure! Wine cabinet that we have absolutely no room for? Why not! Good thing you can modify your registry online 18 million times before the wedding.

Did your day of registering end up in a hot mess, or were you and your significant other able to compromise your way throughout the housewares section?


The Introitus May 14, 2009 at 9:30 PM  

I was hesitant at first, but then it was like a free for all. To make matters worse, I started out online. Somehow, a 500 dollar set of knives from william sonoma seemed so reasonable from my living room . . .

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