Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bridesmaids Gifts: Part 4

When I left off, I had spent a grand total of $145.11 on gifts for my 5 bridesmaids, or $29.00 per girl. This included earrings, clutches I'm making, and vintage hankies. This of course leaves me with the necklaces left to share!

I was in Venice last summer and thought I would take advantage of having access to so much Venetian glass and buy necklaces for the girls there in the color green I'd chosen. Easier said than done. I struggled to find enough of "the" green. I ended up with three large glass beads and two already made necklaces...but they were all different colors and just didn't feel right.

So, of course, I turned to Etsy (shocker!). I found this great deal...a half pound of glass beads in different shapes all in the exact shade of green I needed. AND they were only $4.00 plus $2.95 shipping. Score! So I bought them and then saw that they're itty bitty...hence the good deal.

Source: Etsy

But since they were the right color - and I had so many of them - I realized I could still do something with them. (AND I'm using the extra beads in my centerpieces...to be posted) I bought some coil chokers from Etsy to string the beads on. The best part of them is that the little ball on one end unscrews so you can take it off, string on the beads, and put it back on. Brilliant! I got 5 of them for $13.75 plus $1.90 shipping, so $15.65.

I mixed and matched the different beads, making each necklace different (awesome photography by me, I know!):

I was able to still use two of the beads I bought in Venice - the first and second necklaces in this picture feature those beads. One is much larger (it's my favorite!) so my MOH/sister Stiletto, will have that necklace. I'd guess that I spent about $8.00 on those two beads in Venice.

While I wasn't able to stick with my original plan of having each bridesmaid's necklace purchased in Venice, everything turned out quite well. The color couldn't be more perfect and each necklace is unique, but they all go together really well. And, they can easily change up the necklaces after the wedding by putting on whatever beads or pendants they'd like.

So, I spent $30.60 on everything for the necklaces. That plus the previous total of $145.11 brings me to $175.71 or $35.14 a bridesmaid! Woo hoo! I'm sure I'll buy little odds and ends to place in the clutches, but I'm pretty much done shopping for them. Yay.

Did you have a plan for bridal party gifts that you quickly had to change up?


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