Friday, June 26, 2009

Fabulous Mappin'

Say it with me: "Map love, love, love!"

Source: Pantomime Papers

"Penny" of Pantomime Papers a.k.a. Miss Snapdragon a.k.a. Heather has truly outdone herself! When I heard she was creating custom maps I jumped on it immediately and contacted her about creating one for our wedding.

Since everything on our wedding day will be very close together within Oak Park, we didn't feel our guests needed a map to show them how to get from point A to point B. Instead, because Oak Park boasts so many sites to be seen (from Frank Lloyd Wright's studio to Ernest Hemingway's birthplace), we wanted to make sure our guests knew everything that Oak Park has to offer - in addition to the Stiletto festivities, of course!

Heather seemed very excited about creating a whimsical map that was focused more on fun and not at all on coordinates. I sent her a list of locations we wanted to include, and Heather went to work designing a 4x6 map.

I definitely wanted to include the historic Lake Theater - it's so iconic! The Green Line "L" train to downtown Chicago was a must, also. Take the Green Line to be "green" for our wedding, people!

It's great how the Frank Lloyd Wright studio was not only worked in, but Heather suggested this great Wright motif for the map overall. And see? Ernest Hemingway is hard at work right by our reception site!

As soon as Heather sent me the file, we places an order for 4x6 postcards from Overnight Prints. On the back, we included a message from Mr. S and I to our guests, welcoming them to Oak Park and encouraging them to see the sites while they visit. We also took this opportunity to plug our hotel block as well, since it's only been listed on our wedding web site and we really want people to stay there (not only will it be fun, we need a certain number of rooms booked in our block for us to stay in the suite for free!).

I can't wait to share with you how we're incorporating these maps into our invitation suite! For more of Heather's maps, check out Miss Bruschetta's Philly map and Heather's web site.

What extra piece really put your invitations over the top?


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