Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fit to Be Tied

I have a ribbon problem. I can't stop buying it! The fact that there is such a wide variety of ribbon to peruse on Etsy doesn't help either. Let's take a walk through my wedding...from the ribbon's point of view.

Ribbon #1

My first ribbon purchase this winter was this 1-inch wide black ribbon with white stitching from Ribbon Stop. I ordered 10 yards of this and planned many, many uses for it. Now, I think I have it narrowed down to wrapping around centerpiece vases that I purchased awhile back (I'll post later about this), ceremony decorations, and keeping the rest readily available for other projects that may arise, such as wrapping bridal party gifts and other decor needs.

Source: Ribbon Stop

Ribbon #2

I thought Ribbon #1 would be fine for everything, but once I started thinking about bouquets I had to make some decisions. I picked up this 1 1/2-inch wide white grosgrain ribbon from Etsy's Cindy's Bow-Tique. My plan is to hand this over to my florist to wrap my bouquet stem with. I really like the texture of this ribbon as opposed to more "satiny" ribbons.

Source: Etsy

Ribbon #3

To accompany Ribbon #2 on my bouquet, I found this lovely narrow striped 1/16 of an inch ribbon from Etsy's Caramelos. I am in LOVE with it. I like that it's a different texture from other ribbons that I have bought. I'm planning on asking my florist to use to to tie the L-O-V-E typewriter keys onto my bouquet stem (a la Mrs. Lovebug) and to wrap the stems of the boutteniers. I'd like to also use it as a part of our favors packaging and elsewhere, so I'm hopeful that Caramelos has more!

Source: Etsy

Ribbon #4

Cindy's Bow-Tique strikes again! I bought 10 yards of this 7/8-inch black grosgrain ribbon, intending to use it to wrap the bridesmaids bouquets, but I've found another option (#5!). Hmm. I certainly can find a use for black ribbon, right? Since nothing about it screams "wedding" maybe I'll just have a good supply of black ribbon on hand for years to come!

Source: Etsy

Ribbon #5

Love it! Just purchased it and can't wait. Etsy's Scrap with Style had this wide-striped 7/8-inch ribbon. I picked up 6 yards of this to use to wrap the bridesmaids' bouquets. I certainly hope that's enough (a little over 1 yard per bouquet?). If not, I know where I can find more! I had been trying to find a really fun ribbon to use for this, and all I was finding were polka dots. I think this is going to look fabulous alongside everything else.

Source: Etsy

Ribbon #6

And finally...ribbon 6! Another great find today - from Cindy's Bow-Tique again! Remember my escort cards that are going to be placed on beds of wheatgrass? Instead of purchasing nicer-looking containers for the wheatgrass, my florist just suggested I have her wrap the containers the wheatgrass come in with ribbon. She never specified the ribbon width I would need - this is 1 1/2 inches wide, so hopefully it's wide enough. I'm stepping outside of my typical green and starting to mix up the greens a little bit...I know, living on the edge!

Source: Etsy

I think I may be officially banned from buying ribbon! But I think it's always the little details that count. And, I'm hoping to pass off all of the necessary ribbon to my florist when we meet in July, so it was really helpful to purchase ribbon that was just going to be for the floral elements and have other ribbon in hand for the decor projects I need to work on.

Seeing everything lined up together, I'm really glad I've integrated some striped elements into the mix, since we'll be having damask touches on the tables - I think this makes for a nice contrast!

Are you putting a personal touch on your bouquet(s)?


Anonymous June 9, 2009 at 2:43 PM  

I feel your pain.

I'm making the bouquets out of fabric and buttons and I've become addicted to buying buttons on ebay. Make it stop!! :-)

Best Wishes!

ChiBrideToBe June 9, 2009 at 8:17 PM  

Funny, I have the same problem, except that it's paper. Printed scrapbooking paper I think I'll be able to use everywhere, assorted gift wrap, letterpressed cards...I can't stop buying it!

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