Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Frightful Nightfuls

Mr. S and I enjoyed a fabulous long weekend in San Francisco...he needed to travel there to shoot an engagement session with an absolutely fabulous couple, I simply tagged along and we made a long weekend out of it (and I got to play photographer's assistant around SF's fun Mission neighborhood, ending with a super tasty "Mission Burrito"). Miss Peeptoe's "Honeymoon in my Hometown" post was great inspiration as we planned our trip!

However, in the midst of our mini-vacation loveliness, my dreams were filled with wedding doom...duh, duh, DUH.

Over the course of one night, I had two frustrating dreams, one after the other. Here, come sit down and I'll share...

No Bling
The scene is set. Mr. S and I are at our jeweler's looking at wedding bands. Mr. S has chosen some sort of funky custom wedding band that's more of a cuff that goes up half his arm and is made of black and gray rubber. I kid you not, it was pretty awful. I kept on talking about the sweet little ring I've been in love with for months and shared how I had tried it on somewhere else and just loved it. The jeweler kept on putting me off, telling me he would order in something soon for me to try on. That's all well and good, but I was there to try on some rings! I said that even though I found one I liked, I'd still be happy to try some other options on. No dice - the jeweler ignored my many requests and returned to Mr. S's cuff of awfulness. The dream ended with me being incredibly upset that I had not tried on a single ring.

Not nightmarish enough? Don't worry, the dreams kept on comin'.

Late, Late for a Very Important Date
Getting ready at my parents' house about 3 hours south of Chicago is not in my wedding plans. In my dream, it was very much a reality as I was there getting my hair and makeup done, knowing full well I still had a 3 hour commute ahead of me. My dress was also being altered down there. Soon we were less than an hour from the wedding...wha?! I rushed to pick up my dress, trying it on one more time before taking it away. Currently Mr. S and I are debating the whole "first look" thing. In my dream, this was taken care of by him coming to the alterations place with me and being taught how to bustle my dress! I was horrified that our first look boiled down to dress logistics. There was no time to be too upset as I knew we had to rush to Chicago. A random assortment of people were driving up to Chicago with me; Momma Stiletto was at the wheel. I was sitting in the back seat in a panic. Mom assured me that it would only take an hour to get there, if that, and that we'd just be a little late. I was distraught, overwhelmed and absolutely positive that I was going to miss my wedding.

While seeming tame now, these counted as nightmares in my book, and I was incredibly tense on Sunday morning. But nothing compared to my nightmare on Sunday night...

Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
While thinking that everything in our relationship was just peachy, Mr. S let me know that he just didn't feel that "spark" anymore, and he'd been told that once that spark was gone, you could never get it back. He casually called off our wedding and ended our relationship. I was absolutely devastated. In the dream, we were very close to the wedding date, but had not yet sent out the invitations. But still, I had to let everyone know it was over. I absolutely dwelled on the fact that I had to call my alterations person and ask her to only clean my dress, not alter it. I was also saddened that I had to contact one Etsy seller and let her know that the ribbon I purchased from her would not be used in the wedding. Amidst my devastation of having to start everything over - new relationship, home, everything - Mr. S let me know that he had looked at my blog posts of my wedding dress and that it wasn't anything he would have expected me to pick out, and that he "didn't care for it." Talk about kicking you while you're down.

After this last dream, I felt drained and depressed. Everything felt so real from all of these dreams, and having non-stop wedding dreams in one weekend was incredibly frustrating. But most of them I can understand - one of my biggest pet peaves is being late, hence the dream where I most definitely didn't make it to the church on time. And, of course, not trying on wedding bands while Mr. S picks out something garish is a bummer. I've also had other dreams about my cake being wrong, which makes sense as well.

But the third dream...really shook me up! This goes far beyond planning and logistic snafus, it hits right at the core of our relationship. I'm certainly not fearful about the strength of us or our "spark," were are 100% a-o-k. Whew. Seriously, though, whatever happened to wedding nightmares where you just show up minus your dress?!

What wedding nightmares have really knocked your socks off?


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