Monday, June 29, 2009

Guy Style Down the Aisle

Ok, I will admit it - my posts have been incredibly sexist. Where has the focus been on the guy attire?! The ladies tend to get a lot more screen time between dresses, shoes, hairstyles, jewelry, etc etc. Even though it is often the case that the guys don't even think about that they're wearing until 3 days before the wedding when they pick up their tuxes, their appearance is equally as important!

Of course, I wasn't intentionally leaving the guys out in the cold...Mr. S and I just hadn't had the time to pick out their tuxes. Since I had last Friday off, Mr. S and I ventured to a nearby MW Tux to pick everything out. I let Mr. S take the lead and choose what he liked best...I just sat back and nodded along!

He settled on this great Calvin Klein tux with a faint grey pinstripe. I love it! It's also more slim of a fit, which is great because Mr. S's tuxes often end up being a little big and boxy on him. We were assured this would be perfect for him.

Source: MW Tux

You can kind of see the pinstripe in this detail shot, but again, it's a very unpronounced pinstripe. I think this is perfect because it gives it a little texture/interest without being too distracting.

Source: MW Tux

Mr. S will be sporting a plain white vest (no pattern or detail) along with this tie that we'd recently purchased.


The rest of the guys will have plain black vests and ties. If we happen to find extra money lying around, we might get the guys black and white striped ties, but I don't anticipate there being gobs of money just begging to be spent. And, we already got the groomsmen fabulous gifts, remember?!

Did your guy take the lead on choosing his wedding day attire?


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